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Skins, Brunell reach agreement

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  • Skins, Brunell reach agreement

    "Can't buy what I want because it's free...
    Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
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    skins are retarded...brunell's washed-the-fuck-up...i thought ramsey was pretty good betwixt the beatings...
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      Ramsey already unhappy so wonder if he will stick around or demand to be traded?

      Don't mind to see the Rams pursue him.

      han solo


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        So basicly, this is a two-year deal for $8.6 million plus whatever his 2004 salary is. If he has a bad year, the cap hit in 2005 is going to be huge.


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          We know all about huge cap hits for QB's with big salaries that can't play.
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            Before he got hurt, Brunell had one of the best days any quarterback had this season. He nearly beat Carolina single-handedly.

            I hope he does well. I've always liked the guy. And I don't think he's necessarily washed up.


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              I like him too.

              Is this another one of those ridiculous contracts Dan Snyder is so famous for? Who would have thought Brunell could get an offer like that?
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                I also like Brunell. I would love to have him on the Rams....about five years ago.
                He's washed up. The skins paid way too much for him, plus lost a 3rd round pick. They could have just waited for him to be cut and then picked him up for less. Pretty dumb signing if you ask me.
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                  Wow. I think this is a great move for the Skins. I'm surprised at the reaction here.

                  Like many of you, I like Ramsey, but Brunell will really help them, IMO.

                  I'd look out for the Skins this year.
                  Dude. Can. Fly.


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                    I like Brunell also,

                    I would have given him 40 million less with an option for year two.

                    He was a man without a team and he would have went to someone but not at that price.
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                      This is basicly a two-year deal for like $10 million. It only becomes a long-term, really expensive deal if he plays well.