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  • Super Wednesday

    In a pre-April Fools Day joke, after J.K. sweeps tomorrow Dems' Day news, the fat guy says he wouldn't be surprised to see Hillary make her announcement to run with the support of her gallant 'partner'.

    Rush's implied view earlier today.

    What a deliciously appropriate move that would be.

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    Rush's dreaming. She wins by Kerry running and losing. 2004 is too soon. 2008.

    You're back?

    The Dude abides.


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      Hillary is unelectable.

      Too controversial.

      She may run but won't win. The Dems would be stupid to nominate her.

      She couldn't even beat Jeb Bush.
      Go Cards ...12 in 13.


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        Wow. Conservatives really are obsessed with Hillary. The primaries are almost over and they're still spinning scenarios.


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          Hillary... Hillary Hillary Hillary, the only democrat I ever voted against by voting republican.

          She changes with the wind--kind of like John Kerry except I'd vote for John Kerry a lifetime before I voted for Hillary.

          In a presidential election I'd vote for her out of necessity. For senate, no.
          First Fan of the Halifax IceBreakers!


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            Oh, and how come Rush is still a free man? I thought drug abusers shold be strung up or put away for a long time or whatever the hell he babbles about.

            Your opinions apply to everyone but you, Mr. Limbaugh?
            First Fan of the Halifax IceBreakers!