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Computer viruses, worms set costly Internet record

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  • Computer viruses, worms set costly Internet record

    February was the worst month ever for cyber-security as a record number of computer viruses and worms attacked the Internet, flooding in-boxes with unwanted e-mail, crippling Web sites and costing businesses up to $83 billion worldwide.
    Security specialists reported hundreds of new viruses and worms during the month, including several new e-mail worms that caused significant financial hardship to computer users and businesses.
    Internet attacks in February caused an estimated $68 billion to $83 billion in damages worldwide, British computer-security firm mi2g reported. The damage estimates are about $50 billion higher than in January, previously the most costly month on record. Much of February's cost stemmed from the MyDoom worm, which appeared at the end of January and continued to spread.
    MyDoom, along with at least a half-dozen major worms that appeared in February, sent themselves to most of the listings in computer e-mail address books. Some shut down Web sites by flooding the sites with data.
    The estimated cost of February's Internet attacks rose nearly $13 billion in the last 10 days of the month, when several new worms and viruses appeared. The worst of them, known as Netsky, spread so quickly it became one of the top 10 most-damaging viruses or worms of all time, mi2g said.


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