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  • Earth Day - Early Post

    Very long article so be warned. Hopefully we can figure out a way for the consumer to get in on it.
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    Just make them clean the [email protected] up.
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      when i read this I thought it was interesting.

      I've also recently read how they are investigating using old mines and wells as a storage place for carbon...they'd pump it in the earth and cap it.

      Here's my question.

      trees like carbon.

      I want to know if it's scientifically possible to pump the carbon into a grove of trees.......

      ok..maybe not
      Are you on the list?


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        Originally posted by madyaks@Mar 1 2004, 01:04 PM
        Just make them clean the [email protected] up.
        that too

        but we don't have a super fund anymore
        Are you on the list?


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          Ameren better worry about power for some of my customers (they have none and have no idea why) right now vice this.
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            Originally posted by SLUBLUE+Mar 1 2004, 02:10 PM-->
            QUOTE(SLUBLUE @ Mar 1 2004, 02:10 PM)

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            I liked the South Park episode on Earth Day. They called it "Environmental Brainwashing Day", created so "celebrities can feel better about themselves."