The math on baseball ownership is incredibly murky. I posed a question here and on KMOX about how much money teams gain when they make the playoffs. Closest thing I got to an answer was 1 million per home game(a guess by Mike Grimm). But it probably would not have affected this season's 84 million dollar salary budget. Maybe I am missing something. According to Joe Strauss' article in Sunday's Post, DeWitt dismisses suggestions that appreciation of a team's worth offsets operating losses. If the Cardinals were purchased for 150 million and sold parking garages for 90 million and they are valued by Forbes magazine at 308 million------well that would seem to add up to a 248 million dollar appreciation. Kind of makes that million dollar a game playoff bonus look like pennies. No wonder they didn't want to gamble 50,000 dollars necessary to have Jason Ryan around the last month. Operating budgets are simple. Don't exceed them. And if something happens to make it possible to expand them, don't. Just keep the money.