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    So just last Saturday I made my second trip to Ameristar in St. Charles along with a couple friends to play in a poker tournament for my birthday. We had a good time- me and a friend both cashed, so we were thinking about going again this saturday. However, the experience as Ameristar wasn't particularly overwhelming. It was alright, but I thought the blinds were raised way too quickly to the point that once we got to the final table it was just a pure crap shoot as even the biggest stack was no more than 10 or so times the big blind. Anyway, I was wondering how the tourneys are at the other 2 casinos in the area. Harrahs is probably out of the question for us saturday as the only tournaments there saturday are probably out of my friends' buyin range, but I wouldn't be opposed to playing there at some point in the future. I saw on Lumiere's website that in their tournaments you start with 2500 chips per person as opposed to 1500 at Ameristar, which is appealing to me. The more chips and breathing room to maneuver post flop, the better. Anyway, any input would be welcome.
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    Go to the track.


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      Chances are slim that you are going to find a cheap buyin tournament with a good structure at a casino...
      You're being fucking dramatic. You own a TV and an air mattress. That's not exactly what I'd call "a lot to lose."


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        Originally posted by Celtic View Post
        Go to the track.
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