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  • iMap v. Pop

    What are the downsides of iMap mail? I love outlook, and use GMail for my mail. It collects mail from multiple accounts for me, then I have set up "pop" accounts on my outlook so I can send from these accounts (however, I like everything going to GMail to have it one place).

    For the first time, I am using multiple computers with outlook to check these accounts. GMail has a "pop recent" feature where you can download POP mail to multiple machines. I think it was a feature they introduced before they had iMap.

    I have about 5 years of email in my Outlook via pop accounts, so I sort of like to keep everything uniform. However it seems that with my current multiple computer situation, iMap is the way to go. Are there any real downsides to iMap? The only annoying thing I can see is that GMail makes your "labels" folders in your outlook, and I would have to resetup a bunch of rules and filters to make everything consistent. Other than that, what are the drawbacks?

    I am not getting a Mac.

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    Okay, GMail Imap is slow on outlook... Boo