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Faulk sounds off on Rams

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  • Faulk sounds off on Rams

    From Bernie, via his show's producer...

    Good evening…
    Retired Rams RB Marshall Faulk, an analyst for the NFL Network, was a guest of the “Fox Hole” show hosted by Martin Kilcoyne and Maurice Drummond. The interview occured Tuesday afternoon on Team 1380 AM

    Faulk had a lot of strong things to say about the sorry state of the Rams and their season-opening 38-3 loss at Philadelphia.

    With a big thank you to Team 1380 producer Ben Boyd, who recorded and transcribed the interview, here are some excerpts of Faulk’s comments…

    Faulk suggested that the Rams should be better than they are:

    “Decisions have to be made. Do you blow it up, where do you go, what do you do? I mean, players that have had big time success, we’re talking Pro Bowl caliber players: Marc Bulger, Torry Holt, Orlando Pace, Steven Jackson. They look like they don’t belong in the league. And it’s not because they can’t play. You’re not going to tell me that. I’m not believing that they all of a sudden can’t play in this league.”

    Faulk contrasting the Bears’ upset of Indianapolis to the Rams’ situation:

    “You’re not going to tell me that the (Bears) offense that they put out there is more talented than the offense that the Rams put out. It’s preparation, it’s understanding what you have; it’s having guys that are reliable.”

    Faulk, on the Rams’ decision to release WR Isaac Bruce to, in part, open a starting job for Drew Bennett:

    “I’m sorry, I’m a little biased to Isaac Bruce. I love Isaac Bruce, and I’ll let facts be known that there’s no way — and I don’t dislike Drew Bennett — but there is no way that this guy is better than Isaac or belongs or should be on that team instead of Isaac. It’s things like that, it’s misjudgement of talent. The guy’s been hurt. He’s often hurt. No knock on him personally, but they needed (Bruce). They could have used him (Sunday).”

    Faulk on Steven Jackson:

    “I said this earlier in the year, and I think people took it wrong, because I heard a couple comments. I said the Rams shouldn’t pay Steven Jackson. I don’t understand why they’re going to pay him. And I think people took it, like, maybe Steven’s not good or not dynamic. When you can’t block, and when you can’t sack the quarterback and stop the run, there’s no need to have a running back like this. There’s no need to pay him what you’re going to pay him–you’re not going to get to use him. What was he, like, 11 (actually 14) for 40? That’s a lot of money sitting in the backfield, and not have it or be able to use it, or you fall behind by 20 points. Now he’s definitely out of the game. And his effectiveness and what you love about him and what you’re paying him for is no longer necessary. I only forecasted that the Rams would be playing from behind, and people thought I was taking a jab at Steven–it had nothing to do with Steven; it had more to do with the team.”

    Faulk on Rams defensive coordinator Jim Haslett:

    “I love Jim. I used to find his defenses to be the most complicated to play against. And now I look back and I say even at (age) 35 with a bum knee I might go for maybe a hundred yards rushing and another hundred receiving right now (against the Rams defense).”

    Faulk continued talking about Haslett:

    “I like Jim. I’ve always thought highly of him. And I don’t know, maybe he’s upset of the old Rams-Saints days and he’s throwing games or whatever. Some of the things I saw happening out there the other day, I wonder when he sat in his office yesterday morning, what was his mindset? Was he thinking, ‘I need to change it up.’ Was he thinking, ‘my players screwed it up.’ Or was he thinking that he messed it up. Because one of the three things happened, or needs to happen.”

    (Note: Faulk was joking about Haslett throwing games).

    Faulk said Rams coaches should avoid showing the players the game film from Philadelphia:

    “I went through a rough patch like this with the Colts, and coaches often don’t even want to look at the film. You don’t want guys to look at the film because it can be so bad that when players notice that it’s that bad, it’s hard to recover from. So I’m hoping that he didn’t allow them to watch the film, the coaches watched it and they go out there and try to make corrections and try to get guys to move forward from the debacle that happened. Something like that can linger though out a whole season just like last year with the Dolphins. It’s tough to get over losses like that.”

    If you’d like to listen to an audio of the entire Faulk interview, it is posted at Boyd’s web site at


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    I heard this interview earlier today.

    Pretty much dead on.
    RIP Chris Jones 1971-2009
    You'll never be forgotten.


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      Good thing it was a read and not a video this time
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        Originally posted by Guppy View Post
        Good thing it was a read and not a video this time
        Yeah but I was still imagining Faulk's voice saying all those quotes with odd pauses and such.
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