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Rams Players and coaches--slps teachers and new supt

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  • Rams Players and coaches--slps teachers and new supt

    Symbolic message: This was just another payday for the same old Rams.

    And that attitude is unacceptable.

    Wrong, Bernie. That attitude is the only thing that makes any sense. It is even supportive of their top bosses.

    The writing is on the wall---there is no way the stadium they want will be built---this is a lame duck franchise, and anything inspiring could throw things off track. Not sure where it is going, but it is out of St. Louis.

    Tomorrow night the state appointed board will intoduce the three finalists for taking Bourisaw's place. (they have a temporary replacement now, similar to what the Rams did with Martz.)

    Look for the shithead. That will be the final choice. Any teachers who were really trying---and judging from the measurable progress made while Bourisaw was there, there were many---would be well-advised to do like the Rams players, show up, and get your paycheck, and quit trying to stand in the way of the destruction necessary to wreck the district and make it all charters and vouchers.

    Bernie is wrong.