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  • Whoa - Big Brother Moment

    I just visited a web site that had been recommended to me as a source for a keyboard good enough to finally replace a Northgate OmniKey, a DasKeyboard Pro. So I look it over, see it was good, and decide to buy one. I click "Order", and what pops up before me but my complete shipping address, as well as a selection of credit cards I can use!

    I have never been to this website before, this is on a Macintosh without Microsoft Wallet or anything like that, and I'm doing it over a VPN link that doesn't have my normal IP address! How does it know all this stuff?

    I realized later that this site does its work through Yahoo's store, and it was able to extract all this information through the My Yahoo cookie I use for one of my favorite links. But it was a shock, nonetheless - and this is on the supposedly spyware-free Macintosh. Didn't ask me for a password or anything, which I'd normally expect even to do business at the Yahoo store. They really do know everything you're doing. Scary.

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