The team batting average against righthanded pitchers last month was .313. Against lefties .267.

Righthanded batters were only 3-20 (.150) against Chris Perez last month. Lefthanded batters were 0-10 with 5 strikeouts.

The Cards hit .300 as a team last month. They had 7 players with at least 40 ABs hit over .300 in August (Pujols .398, Schumaker .344, Miles .339, Lopez .333, Molina .322 and Ludwick .320).

For the season, the Cards are 21-23 in 1-run games. In those games, their starters have gone 13-6, 3.45. The bullpen in our 1-run games is 8-17, 5.52 with 15 saves in 34 opps.

In August, the Cards lost all five of their 1-run games. They hit only .206 and scored just 12 runs in those games.