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    First let me say this is not about Sarah Palin. It's about John McCain.
    The truth is Sarah Palin is too good for John McCain. She is so good he never should have asked her to be a VP candidate.

    Exactly how did the conversation go? When Palin told him she had a 17 year old daughter that was pregnant and a newly born down syndrome child. You might think McCain would have had the good sense to say - well never mind.

    Who among us would ask this woman to totally put her family second for the next two months and fly from state to state doing what will arguably be the toughest task in their life? Who among us would ask a man in the same situation to do that?

    Country first? Their is no country if you destroy the families in it. No that's McCain first and that's always been the way it is with John McCain number 3.

    His grandfather and father were both Admirals. They got McCain into the naval academy. Of course he should have been kicked out - but John McCain number 3 got some other naval academy student to take some demerits that were rightly his. For anyone else that would have been considered cowardice at best. Not for John McCain - just spun to say people loved him so much - they willingly sacrificed for him. McCain first.

    He graduated from the naval academy 895 out of 900. Normally that would disqualify you from prime spots but not McCain. He took his bottom of the barrel graduation and spun it out as if he could have done better but just liked the view from the bottom. Amazingly people bought it and put McCain first. Even after he crashed 3 planes he still was considered some kind of hot shot.

    He got shot down over Hanoi and came out a hero. A hero that will not and cannot be denied. His service was remarkable but not totally unprecedented. Somehow it just seemed that way. McCain came out of the war more of a hero than anyone else who served in the War. More of a hero than guys who were held captive longer. More of a hero than guys who were just as every bit as brave. John McCain came out hero number 1 because as always it's McCain first.

    As soon as he gets out he goes home to a wife and 3 kids. She too had suffered while he was in the war. She was in a car crash that left her with some permanent disabilities. Disabilities that she never complained to her husband about while he was away. Her repayment was that war hero McCain came home and starting cheating on her.

    As if that wasn't bad enough he did it on taxpayers dollars with naval personnell under him. It's hard to commit sexual harrassment and be considered cool but for John McCain it was easy. Whatever real job he was supposed to be doing didn't really matter. It was McCain first.

    It was McCain first when he finally decided to settle down and get married to a beautiful young woman 17 years his junior. The only problem was he was already married. So they dated in public for about a year and two months after his divorce he got married again.

    The Reagan's, a name he invokes often, were furious. You see they liked his first wife and didn't approve of him just pushing her aside. They gave her a job but had little respect for him.

    Didn't matter, because John had married into money. He was just lucky that way. That money helped him buy his first election in a state that he really hadn't spent much time in.

    He had some shady friends. Many who he has kept to this day. Sometimes they asked for favors and sometimes McCain obliged them. One of those friends was Charles Keating. McCain spent more time with Keating recieving special trips and other perks than any of the other Keating five. Yet his sentence was the lightest.

    Throughout his career he has cut and turned on his people whenever it was good for him. The newspaper man who published glowing reports of his heroism in the Arizona press that was later found out to be a big liar. Keating his first wife and others.

    When you are good for him cool. When you get in some trouble - expect to be cut loose.

    I have no doubt that Sarah Palin will find a way to graciously exit the stage. This is the right move for her family in my opinion. I think she is a good person who just good smoothed by a bad man. He had no intention of bringing her anything but trouble. She is a diversion to throw off his own dirt.

    But eventually people will go back to digging and it will all be there. McCain first.
    Turning the other cheek is better than burying the other body.

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    God is stronger and the problem knows it.

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    Cindy reminds me of one of those blond sorority girls in Animal House.

    The one driving off at the end with future senator John Belushi.