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  • Shanny Back with the Blues!!!???

    Blues go after a fan favorite

    By Jeremy Rutherford

    A year ago when Brendan Shanahan was an unrestricted free agent, the Blues' interest in the three-time Stanley Cup winner was minimal at best. Shanahan wanted to remain with the New York Rangers, and the Blues were in the midst of adding Paul Kariya to aid in their rebuilding process.

    A year later, the dynamics have changed. Shanahan, 39, is again an unrestricted free agent, but his future in the Big Apple is much less certain this summer with the Rangers up against the NHL salary cap.

    After keeping mum on the topic in recent weeks, Blues President John Davidson on Thursday voiced heavy interest in returning one of the most popular players in club history to the city where he starred from 1991 to 1995.

    "We've thrown our hat in the ring," Davidson said. "When it comes down to it, Brendan has to make a decision that's right for him and his family. It could be New York. But we hope he explores the Blues as a viable option."

    The Blues have not offered Shanahan a contract, but they've notified his agent, Rick Curran, of their interest. The team is working under the assumption that Shanahan wants to play one more season in the NHL, his 21st.

    "I haven't spoken directly with any other teams," Shanahan told the New York Daily News late Thursday. "But the ones that have contacted my agent have all been told the same thing: My focus remains on working something out with New York. And we're still talking with (Rangers general manager) Glen Sather."

    On adding Shanahan, Davidson said: "It's depth, it's experience ... we feel that we have a good base of experience with the veterans we have. But if you can improve, it's a good thing. The thing about Brendan, he's a very mature hockey player. He's won championships with good organizations. When people like that are available, you have to explore it and try and improve your team. And also, the player has had some history here."

    The Blues said Shanahan could help a power-play unit stuck in a rut the past two seasons, and Davidson also feels Shanahan could contribute on the penalty-kill unit.

    The club could use a player with both of those skills. However, make no mistake that when Davidson mentions Shanahan's "history here," the Blues are well aware of how much his return could ignite the team's fan base.

    The mere mention of his name evokes memories — good and bad — that register in the top 10 in franchise history.

    Shanahan was brought to St. Louis on July 24, 1991, as a restricted free agent from New Jersey. In return, the Blues offered the Devils a package of players as compensation.

    In one of the most controversial arbitration rulings in league history, Judge Edward Houston rejected the Blues' proposal and instead awarded defenseman Scott Stevens to New Jersey.

    Shanahan helped make the decision less dreadful by putting up big numbers in St. Louis. In his second season with the Blues, he scored 51 goals in 1992-93, following that up with 52 in '93-94. His popularity soared with the fans — perhaps too much for former Blues coach Mike Keenan.

    Though Shanahan had scored 156 goals and posted 306 points in 277 games with the franchise, Keenan traded him to the Hartford Whalers in July 1995 for a raw defenseman named Chris Pronger.

    Pronger was booed from the outset but eventually developed into an MVP and Norris Trophy winner. Meanwhile, though, Shanahan went to Detroit, won three Stanley Cups and solidified himself as a winner in the minds of Blues fans.

    Davidson acknowledged that Shanahan's popularity in St. Louis is an attraction.

    "It all ties in, sure," Davidson said. "If you had two people and one was a guy who the fans didn't know and the other one was Brendan Shanahan, you'd go with Brendan. The people here know him."

    Could Shanahan return to the Blues?

    The Rangers are just $1.5 million under the $56.7 million salary cap in 2008-09. The sense in New York is that the team is ready to turn the page on Shanahan, but he wants to play the final season of his career with the Rangers. Philadelphia and New Jersey also are reportedly interested.

    "He's in a position now where he's had a fair amount of interest from different organizations," Davidson said. "We're waiting to see what the Rangers are going to do. One factor that seems to be the main domino is what (free agent) Mats Sundin does. It's an intriguing scenario."

    As a Ranger last season, he scored just 23 goals in 73 games, the lowest production of his career in seasons when he played 70-plus games.

    The Blues aren't worried.

    "For us, we think Brendan can still play," Davidson said. "He's in great shape. We've done our research."

    As far as taking the spot of a young prospect on the roster, Davidson said: "We want our young players to graduate to the next level. We're trying to surround them in the right atmosphere and Brendan could be a big part of that. We're still going to play a lot of youth. We'll just see how it goes."

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    Weird that JD would come out publicly like this.

    But, gotta sell tickets.


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      I'll pass.
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        typical Blues

        day late dollar short
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          Originally posted by BlueBrained View Post
          I'll pass.
          And thankfully, so will Shanahan.


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            I'm thinking of Chipotle for lunch...

            "Can't buy what I want because it's free...
            Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
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              and other players' wives ooze with excitement
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                Don't want him taking minutes that would stunt DJ King's development.


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                  Originally posted by 007 View Post
                  I'm thinking of Chipotle for lunch...

                  mmmm.....loves me some Chipotle.

                  I abuse the hell out of the one here in Clayton.
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                    i don't think Shanny would stand for any teammate's handwaving.
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                      Maybe he can fuck someone else's wife and destroy the team again.
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                      I feel morally and intellectually obligated simply to concede that the death penalty experiment has failed.

                      The path the Court has chosen lessens us all. I dissent.


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                        Originally posted by backstop View Post
                        Don't want him taking minutes that would stunt DJ King's development.
                        or Cam Jansen or whatever the fuck his name is
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                          Don't tease me, JD!
                          Your friends list is empty


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                            No.....just, no.


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                              Did you guys watch the power play last year?
                              Here comes Cheveldaaaaaaaaae!!!!!!!!