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  • Tropical Storm Edouard GDT

    The path has this sucker heading right for me and it may turn into a hurricane GDT before it is all said and done.

    Nothing to worry about as this isn't a big storm and I'm not dumb enough to live on the water. A good 60 miles as the crow flies from the coast so I'm far enough to avoid any storm surge.

    Work will be interesting since both the wife and I are closing the books this week and I'm trying to get out 2nd quarter financials that are due on Thursday. No moving that date as the SEC don't give a shit about no hurricane.

    I'm sure daycare will be closed tomorrow so one of us will have to stay home.

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      I don't get to start any Cardinal GDT threads so I figured I could at least start one on a hurricane since it is coming to get me.

      The work emails have already started. People want to make sure I know where the business recovery center is located. You would think I worked for The Strategic Air Command. We could be under attack and I'd be expected to be in the recovery center reviewing account recons in a bunker.


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        Where is the "business recovery center" located? 50 feet underground?
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          Originally posted by Razzy View Post
          Where is the "business recovery center" located? 50 feet underground?
          Not sure. Never been there even though I've been told I need to take a tour. Maybe if they quit giving me so much work I'd have time.

          What is stupid is the place is a whole 6 miles outside of downtown so if there is a problem with downtown (flooding, race riots, etc.) the same problem will probably be experience there too.

          Shit I live 30 miles from downtown so if it floods (the one big concern with Tropical Storms) odds are that flooding will be between my house and work. I'd say I'd work for home but if no power no worky.


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            He's kicking some butt so far.


            How are you holding up Sherriff? I hope all is safe.
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              Well, you could look on the bright side. If Edouard ravages Houston, maybe all the blechs in your neighborhood will move back to New Orleans.