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  • Fantasy Football Scenario...

    Keeper league with player salaries.

    Can keep 6 players -- 9 player auction with $160 salary cap.

    Would you trade Ryan Grant ($7) and Willis McGahee ($11) for Joseph Addai ($57), Reggie Bush ($8), and Roy Williams ($11)?

    My 6 keepers would then be:

    Romo ($8)
    Fitzgerald ($20)
    Welker ($15)

    I'd be left with $41 to spend on 3 players in the auction. I know a lot of this would depend on whether I want to save the $ I'd be spending on Addai and see what's available in the auction, but I guess the fundamental question is:

    Do I get more out of Addai + Bush + Roy with the additional salary than I would with Grant and Willis.


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    Grant is a holdout and from what I hear the Pack really like Brandon Jackson, but that could just be a smoke screen to get Grant to sign. If he signs soon, I would be tempted to hold off and keep Grant and McGahee rather than committing 35% of my salary cap to one guy.
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      Do you have an idea who would be available in the auction?
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        Originally posted by Lippa View Post
        Do you have an idea who would be available in the auction?
        Very few elite RBs or WRs...

        When it comes to the auction, think the likes of Portis, Edge James, etc.