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Celebrity Spelling Bee?

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  • Celebrity Spelling Bee?

    It's on Fox right now. I stumbled upon it while channel surfing.

    This is more softball than STL sports media. And...surprise!...we have some REALLY dumb celebrities.

    I am surprised that Norm (George Wendt) is kicking ass.

    Speaks volumes for us drunk guys.

    "Buffy, please spell cat".


    "Oh, I'm sorry. Sooooooo close. You got the first syllable wrong. The rest was perfect."
    " Look, forget the myths the media's created about the White House--the truth is, these are not very bright guys, and things got out of hand."

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    I did not see it this week but I have watched it before. Calling some of these
    people celebrities is a stretch. I didn't even recognize some of them.
    Then you have Alice Cooper and Big Pussy, who knew they could spell.


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      If I were famos, I bet I wold whin.

      Sometimes elections have positive consequences!


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        I TiVo'd it.

        I'll let you know how lame/cool it is.
        When you say to your neighbor, "We're having a loud party on Saturday night if that's alright with you," what you really mean is, "We're having a loud party on Saturday night."


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          It was very cool. Tivoed it and watched it last night.

          The first two women were idiots.