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The video adventures of Avril Lavigne.

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  • The video adventures of Avril Lavigne.

    Avril Lavigne Sex Tape Video: Is This Really Avril From Behind?
    by Mitch Marconi

    Is Avril Lavigne involved in a sex tape scandal?

    If so, she'll join Shakira as the latest stars to have a rumored raunch video floating around.
    You be the judge.

    An extremely brief sex tape clip purporting to be Avril Lavigne, with her single 'Don't Tell Me' from last year playing in the background, has been posted to the internet.

    It is mostly available via bit torrent, although we have found an mpg here. And while it could be Avril, it's probably not, there is no real way to tell.

    The shot is from the back, as you can see in these screen shots above, the girl is of the same frame and build as Avril but no definitive view is available.

    O Canada indeed.

    I've seen it and there's no way to tell, but it's only 30 seconds long, so there has to be a longer version.

    Yes please.

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    I would hit it.
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