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Man arrested after returning burgers to Dairy Queen

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  • Man arrested after returning burgers to Dairy Queen

    Published: June 29, 2008 10:33 pm
    Police: Man returned burgers, marijuana to Dairy Queen
    The Tribune-Democrat

    IRWIN — A North Huntingdon man was charged by Greensburg state police with possession of marijuana after Dairy Queen employees found the substance in his returned take-out bag.

    Calvin Masten, 18, ordered several hamburgers through the Dairy Queen drive-through in Irwin Borough, Westmoreland County, on June 23. After receiving the burgers, he allegedly placed a baggie of marijuana inside the take-out bag.

    Police said Masten eventually realized his order was not correct, and, forgetting that he placed the marijuana in the bag, went inside the restaurant and returned his order to get the correctly prepared hamburgers.

    When counter personnel saw the bag of marijuana, they contacted police.

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    WTF is up with Dairy Queen employees nowadays?

    They had a free bag of weed and they called the cops? Idiots.
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      Sure they did -

      After taking a 2 hour break in the "smoke" room.
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        I've heard of a few police sting operations in conjuntion with store management being ran at locations to see if there was drugs being sold as a side item at some locations. So therefore these workers did the right thing.
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          Never put your weed with your put the weed with the drinks. what a dumb ass.
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            When I used to work at movie theater I once found a little zip-up wallet type of thing with a pack of zig-zags, a drivers license, a torn sheet of paper with some phone numbers on it... and about 50 hits of acid.

            I hid it and gave it back to the kid when he came back. That kid really got lucky, because if the wrong person found that, he would have gone away for a long time.
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