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Rams getting a drumline ?

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  • Rams getting a drumline ?

    Washington and Baltimore have something similar to this. It can't be that bad.

    Help Name Rams Drumline
    Tuesday, June 24, 2008

    When the St. Louis Rams take the Edward Jones Dome field for the regular season home opener versus the World Champion New York Giants, they will be joined by a high-energy drumline built to entertain Rams fans before, during and after games. The 15 precision drummers are from Gateway Indoor Percussion, one of the nation’s top competitive drumlines, and based out of St. Louis.
    As the Rams prepare to introduce this new dynamic game day tradition, we are asking our fans to help select the name. Visit the homepage to cast your vote. Voting takes place now though July 20.
    What should the new drumline be called?

    Battering Rams
    The Heard
    Rams Rumble
    St. Louis Rams Drumline

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    Can't be any worse than any of the crap music they play before and during games.

    I mean, I don't know about you, but NOTHING gets me pumped during a timeout before a critical play that Elvis and Hound Dog.
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        How about "Rams get a hard hitting safety?"


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          Originally posted by jack jones View Post
          How about "Rams get a hard hitting safety?"
          Or an O-line. "Yes, an O-line is much more needed." Steven Jackson.
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            Originally posted by STL JA View Post



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              Originally posted by STL JA View Post


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                St. Louis Rams Drumline
                Marketing genius.


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                  Will Jackson approve?


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                    Is this drum line going to be like a secondary O-Line used to help keep Bulger from getting killed?

                    Clearly, the lack of a drum line was the missing link for the team last year. Maybe a drum line will make fans not sell their tickets to the opposing teams fans
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                      Arch Rhythm
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                        At least your ownership is not the worst in the NFL, the Lions own that distinction. Only if the Rams would have moved to St. Louis sooner I might have been an fan. Instead I got sucked into the early 90's Lions with Barry Sanders. Now I am stuck rooting for the looses that have no cheerleaders and Matt Millen as the worst Gm in the NFL.

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                          I saw the Rams play the Niners in San Francisco last year and they had a drum line - it was pretty cool and actually got the fans fired up. Definitely better than the musical choices we're subjected to.


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                            The Colts got one too.

                            They don't play during the game though. Just halftime and outside before the game as it was damn loud enough in there already.

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                              No one has answered my question. Will they play enough hip-hop and soul to make the fans in STL love Steven Jackson again? Because, like, it matters and stuff.