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  • Worst songs EVER!

    I was scanning the presets on my way home & heard Crimson & clover, I think it was by Hole or some shit band with a chic singer...

    Then there's the Joan Jett version, another turd in a punchbowl...

    I hate the original too!

    OVER & OVER!


    EDIT...I guess it was Kelly Clarkson.

    Still Shit.
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    If you have twins, name them Crimson and Clover?

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      A boy named sue is so stupid, I deleted it from my karaoke list, partly because I hated the song, partly because i did not want to be around people stupid enough to want to sing it.


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        We've discussed this before, but I'd have to say "MacArthur Park" is one of the worst songs of all time. "Come On Eileen" is pretty high on the list. Every song I've heard by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is on the list too.

        Tommy James kicked ass though.


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          Originally posted by 007 View Post
          If you have twins, name them Crimson and Clover?

          No, but I warned my wife that twin girls will get them called Monique & Unique...(From Eddie Murphy Raw)


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            achy breaky heart by B.R. Mullet


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              Rock n Rolled? Rick Astley? Anybody?
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                Originally posted by Guppy View Post
                Rock n Rolled? Rick Astley? Anybody?
                there's a rick roll phone number. I left a message for my cousin to call it. that was funny.
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                  That Fly Eagles Fly song really sucks.

                  I'll STFU and eat some pork now.


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                      Ice - Ice - Baby
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                        Originally posted by Schwahalala View Post
                        Ice - Ice - Baby
                        Can't we just extend that to any song by Vanilla Ice?


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                          Disco Duck - Rick Dees


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                            Revolution #9 -- The Beatles

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                              Who are Nickelback?
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