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    Posey projected to go No. 1 to Rays
    Scouts Inc.
    Updated: May 30, 2008, 3:30 PM ET
    Making a first-round projection is like slamming your head into an omelette -- there's no way to do it without ending up with egg on your face. So, with a towel handy, here's my stab at the first 30 picks of next week's Rule 4 draft, accompanied by notes on other directions each team might take:

    1. Tampa Bay -- Buster Posey, C, Florida State

    The Rays are down to Posey and Tim Beckham, equally strong choices. Posey probably will cost them more but reach the majors faster, while Beckham is the better long-term prospect.

    2. Pittsburgh -- Pedro Alvarez, 3B, Vanderbilt

    The Pirates' decision also is down to Posey and Beckham, plus Alvarez, whom team president Frank Coonelly is said to covet in order to send a message to fans that the decision to pass on Matt Wieters last year won't be repeated. However, Alvarez scuffled in front of the Pirates' key decision-makers at the SEC tournament, and they might be waffling on their earlier commitment to him.

    3. Kansas City -- Eric Hosmer, 1B, American Heritage H.S. (Plantation, Fla.)

    The Royals had sworn off Scott Boras clients after a tough negotiation with Mike Moustakas last summer, but they apparently have decided to have just one more for the road after seeing Hosmer's tremendous upside as a hitter. (They can quit any time.) Brian Matusz also is a consideration here.

    4. Baltimore -- Tim Beckham, SS, Griffin (Ga.) H.S.

    The Orioles have been on Justin Smoak, Beckham and Matusz this spring and probably would be delighted if Beckham, the draft's top talent, fell to them.

    5. San Francisco -- Justin Smoak, 1B, South Carolina

    The Giants are said to be "obsessed" with Smoak, but they would take Tim Beckham if he fell here and would look at Brett Wallace or Gordon Beckham if the board blew up -- for example, if the top four picks went Posey-Tim Beckham-Hosmer-Smoak or Beckham-Posey-Hosmer-Smoak.

    6. Florida -- Yonder Alonso, 1B, Miami

    Florida likes Hosmer, with Alonso as a solid second choice. Ownership will have to sign off on a big over-slot deal to get Alonso in the fold. Alternatives include Kyle Skipworth.

    7. Cincinnati -- Aaron Crow, RHP, Missouri

    The Reds have been linked to Casey Kelly because his father coaches in their organization and is friends with their scouting director, but they are more likely to go for college pitching, especially if Crow and/or Matusz falls here, which would have to feel like Christmas in June.

    8. Chicago White Sox -- Gordon Beckham, SS, Georgia

    The White Sox's choices seem to be limited to Beckham and Wallace, although one of the college arms could be a sleeper pick here.

    9. Washington -- Kyle Skipworth, C, Patriot H.S. (Riverside, Calif.)

    Skipworth could have cemented this spot with a better performance when the entire Washington organization flew to California to watch him play last month, but he still is in its final two with Zach Collier (assuming Alonso is gone).

    10. Houston -- Brian Matusz, LHP, San Diego

    It's not far fetched to assume that either Matusz or Crow will fall to Houston, and Christian Friedrich and Shooter Hunt certainly will be here as well. Word is the Astros strongly prefer to take a pitcher over a position player. Crazy rumor of the day had them considering Daniel Schlereth.

    11. Texas -- Christian Friedrich, LHP, Eastern Kentucky

    Reports have Nolan Ryan going to see TCU closer Andrew Cashner recently, but I hope he realizes the folly of taking a college reliever this high with quality starters left on the board. Ethan Martin's first landing spots are here and perhaps Houston.

    12. Oakland -- Brett Wallace, 3B/1B, Arizona State

    Possibly the best hitter in the draft, Wallace's unusual body type has him low on most of the boards ahead of 12. Oakland also has been linked to David Cooper and, of course, any college player with "good stats."

    13. St. Louis -- Shooter Hunt, RHP, Tulane

    Local sentiment in St. Louis is for Wentzville, Mo., product Tim Melville, who was a solid top-10 pick coming into the year but had a somewhat disappointing spring. The Cardinals didn't take a high school pitcher before the seventh round in either of the past two drafts. With the big league team off to a good start, they could be in the market for a college reliever like Cashner, but unlike some of Cashner's and Schlereth's other suitors, they have internal options to fill out their 'pen.

    14. Minnesota -- Aaron Hicks, RHP/RF, Wilson H.S. (Long Beach, Calif.)

    The Twins (and Cardinals) have been linked to Friedrich, but he seems less likely to fall here than he did a month ago. Minnesota has cast a wide net, looking hard at Martin and Zach Collier, but Hicks' emergence as a potential No. 1 starter and/or middle-of-the-order bat has run him back up most draft boards.

    15. Los Angeles -- Andrew Cashner, RHP, TCU

    If the Twins take Collier, the Dodgers could turn right around and take Hicks, and there's still a chance they could take Collier if he is available. I was as surprised as anyone to hear the Dodgers were looking at college relievers, but Cashner and Schlereth apparently are in play, perhaps a reflection of the shortage of polished, high-ceiling high school players in this draft. They are rumored to be in on Martin, but he is more crude than the players assistant GM Logan White and scouting director Tim Hallgren typically take in the first round.

    16. Milwaukee -- Ethan Martin, RHP, Stephens County H.S. (Toccoa, Ga.)

    The Brewers have been hot and heavy on Connecticut prep shortstop Anthony Hewitt, but with four extra picks this year, including the second sandwich pick, they could play the board a little and try to nab Hewitt at No. 32. The Brewers do need some big league relief help and could look to Cashner, Schlereth or even Josh Fields, a senior and Boras advisee just like the Brewers' first-round pick last year, Matt LaPorta.

    17. Toronto -- David Cooper, 1B, California

    The Blue Jays would love to get Alonso, but there's little chance of that happening, and the top college starters are likely to be off the board as well. Expect a lot of local pressure for them to take Canadian hitter Brett Lawrie, who has had a hot spring but lacks a position. They won't take a prep arm, and they are much more likely to take a college player than a high school player because the high school hitters this year are raw.

    18. New York Mets -- Jason Castro, C, Stanford

    Interesting rumor of the week had a few top Mets people in to see Georgia at Vanderbilt before the SEC tournament, then spending the whole day up the third-base line, where you would stand to scout left-handed hitters … like Alvarez. The Mets covet Castro but probably could play the board here and try to grab him at No. 22 instead.

    19. Chicago Cubs -- Casey Kelly, SS/RHP, Sarasota (Fla.) H.S.

    The Cubs' scouting director, Tim Wilken, always has favored multi-sport stars, and Kelly is committed to Tennessee to play quarterback. He also knows Kelly's dad from their time together in Toronto. But more importantly, Kelly is a top-20 talent, maybe top-15, and offers more upside than anyone left on the board. The Cubs also have been tied to pitcher/wideout Jake Odorizzi and Melville.

    20. Seattle -- Daniel Schlereth, LHP, Arizona

    Everyone is assuming the M's will take a college reliever and shoot him to the big leagues to help their beleaguered bullpen. Cashner, Schlereth, Fields and perhaps Aaron Weatherford would fit here, as well as Arizona's Ryan Perry, who was great on the Cape last summer but has had an up-and-down spring. Scouting director Bob Fontaine has long shown a preference for size, which could hurt Schlereth (he's short) but also could help him (he's built like a football player, oddly enough).

    21. Detroit -- Josh Fields, RHP, Georgia

    This is the first potential landing spot for Gerrit Cole, a Boras advisee and probably the best pure arm in the high school crop this year, but Detroit also is looking for bullpen help, and Fields has now stuff, is a year or two older than the other relievers in the class and is a Boras advisee as well.

    22. New York Mets -- Brett Lawrie, C/2B, Brookswood SS (Canada)

    The Mets are looking for position-player depth, and Lawrie would be one of the better bats in their system, although his lack of a position is a long-term concern. He's not a catcher, so taking him behind Castro wouldn't be an issue -- Lawrie could at least return to second base to see whether he could handle that position with pro instruction.

    23. San Diego -- Lance Lynn, RHP, Mississippi

    The Padres nearly always go college in the first round, and while they have said they would like to take a position player, the best one available in this scenario would be Wichita State's Conor Gillaspie, yet another third baseman to get in line behind Kevin Kouzmanoff and Chase Headley. Lynn fits their profile for college pitching -- major conference, good performances, plus control and two quality pitches. He threw well in front of half of the Padres' organization in the SEC tournament.

    24. Philadelphia -- Zach Collier, OF, Chino Hills (Calif.) H.S.

    The Phillies also have been linked to various college relievers, including Cashner, Schlereth and Weatherford, and they also are heavy on two Northeast products, Hewitt and Jason Knapp, with Knapp likely to be their pick in the sandwich round.

    25. Colorado -- Jake Odorizzi, RHP, Highland (Ill.) H.S.

    The Rockies have been heavy on Odorizzi the past few weeks as his game has continued to improve. They also are a possible landing spot for Collier.

    26. Arizona -- Tim Melville, RHP, Holt H.S. (Wentzville, Mo.)

    This would be found money for Arizona, although it's more of a fill-in-the-blanks pick, as I haven't heard the D-backs specifically linked to Melville, who was expected to go higher than this. Melville's velocity has been better in May, albeit not every time out, and the softness in his curveball might be just the result of a delivery tweak that the team that signs him can untweak.

    27. Minnesota -- Anthony Hewitt, SS, Salisbury (Conn.) School

    The Twins love Collier, but it's unlikely he'll get past all the teams between the Twins' picks if they don't take him at No. 14. The fear that the Twins would take Hewitt here -- or that the Phils or Mets would earlier -- could drive the Brewers to overdraft him at No. 16.

    28. New York Yankees -- Gerrit Cole, RHP, Lutheran H.S. (Orange, Calif.)

    Cole is a top-half-of-the-round talent, but his bonus demands are expected to be large, and whispers about his makeup started when he signed with Boras. The Yankees aren't afraid of any of those things.

    29. Cleveland -- Ike Davis, 1B, Arizona State

    Cleveland is in an unfortunate spot, picking near the end of the round where the best players left on the board will be signability guys, sandwiched between two teams that don't mind making it rain. The Indians are unlikely to go with a high school pick here, given the lack of polish among the available options.

    30. Boston -- Reese Havens, SS, South Carolina

    The Red Sox would love to see Castro get here, but the Mets won't pass on him twice. The Red Sox have been tied to every tough-sign guy in the draft, but they can just as easily grab a few of those later in the draft, even on the first day, while locking in more of a sure thing with Havens at 30.

    For what it's worth, the best players on my rankings who aren't projected to go in the above 30 picks are Conor Gillaspie, Robbie Ross, Jemile Weeks and Aaron Weatherford.
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    Crowe has been nails for Mizzou this season......threw another shutout today vs. Ol' Miss.........
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      Yes, I took the day off so that I can follow this.
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        Also, speaking of Tim to see that kid pitch this year and he was vitually unhittable at the high school level with a fastball that gets up into the 93-94 range at tops......absolute pellots......
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          JBC2570 at Cards Talk, who apparently knows some folks in the Cards scouting department and some cross-checkers in a few other organizations, has put together multiple mock drafts...

          Here's his fifth....

          Round 1
          1. Tampa Bay Rays: SS Tim Beckham
          2. Pittsburgh Pirates: C Kyle Skipworth
          3. Kansas City Royals: 1B Eric Hosmer
          4. Baltimore Orioles: 3B-1B Pedro Alvarez
          5. San Francisco Giants: C Buster Posey
          6. Florida Marlins: UTL Brett Lawrie
          7. Cincinnati Reds: LHP Brian Matusz
          8. Chicago White Sox: SS Gordon Beckham
          9. Washington Nationals: OF Zach Collier
          10. Houston Astros: RHP Josh Fields
          11. Texas Rangers: 1B Justin Smoak
          12. Oakland Athletics: LHP Christian Friedrich
          13. St. Louis Cardinals: RHP Aaron Crow
          14. Minnesota Twins: 3B-1B Brett Wallace
          15. Los Angeles Dodgers: RHP Ethan Martin
          16. Milwaukee Brewers: 3B Conor Gillaspie
          17. Toronto Blue Jays: RHP Jake Odorizzi
          18. New York Mets: 1B Yonder Alonso
          19. Chicago Cubs: RHP Shooter Hunt
          20. Seattle Mariners: CF-P Aaron Hicks
          21. Detroit Tigers: LHP Daniel Schlereth
          22. New York Mets: RHP Tanner Scheppers
          23. San Diego Padres: OF-1B Ike Davis
          24. Philadelphia Phillies: RHP Trey Haley
          25. Colorado Rockies: RHP Tim Melville
          26. Arizona Diamondbacks: SS-RHP Casey Kelly
          27. Minnesota Twins: SS Justin Parker
          28. New York Yankees: LHP Kyle Lobstein
          29. Cleveland Indians: RHP Andrew Cashner
          30. Boston Red Sox: RHP Gerrit Cole

          Round 1 Supp
          31. Minnesota Twins: LHP Brett DaVall
          32. Milwaukee Brewers: C Petey Paramore
          33. New York Mets: C Jason Castro
          34. Philadelphia Phillies: 3B-SS Anthony Hewitt
          35. Milwaukee Brewers: RHP Kevin Castner
          36. Kansas City Royals: RHP Aaron Shafer
          37. San Francisco Giants: 3B Lonnie Chisenhall
          38. Houston Astros: 2B Jemile Weeks
          39. St. Louis Cardinals: RHP Zach Putnam
          40. Atlanta Braves: SS-OF Destin Hood
          41. Chicago Cubs: SS-3B Reese Havens
          42. San Diego Padres: OF-LHP Josh Romanski
          43. Arizona Diamondbacks: RHP Ryan Perry
          44. New York Yankees: RHP Colby Shreve
          45. Boston Red Sox: OF Robbie Grossman
          46. San Diego Padres: RHP Lance Lynn

          Round 2
          47. Tampa Bay Rays: LHP-1B Kyle Long
          48. Pittsburgh Pirates: RHP Daniel Webb
          49. Kansas City Royals: SS Tyler Ladendorf
          50. Baltimore Orioles: RHP Chris Carpenter
          51. Philadelphia Phillies: OF Isaac Galloway
          52. Florida Marlins: LHP Cole St. Clair
          53. Milwaukee Brewers: RHP Zach Stewart
          54. Milwaukee Brewers: 3B-OF Logan Forsythe
          55. Washington Nationals: SS Brandon Crawford
          56. Houston Astros: OF Roger Kieschnick
          57. Texas Rangers: RHP Tyson Ross
          58. Oakland Athletics: INF-OF Dan Brewer
          59. St. Louis Cardinals: 3B James Darnell
          60. Minnesota Twins: OF-1B Dennis Raben
          61. Los Angeles Dodgers: LHP David Duncan
          62. Milwaukee Brewers: LHP Dan Hultzen
          63. Toronto Blue Jays: SS Danny Espinosa
          64. Atlanta Braves: 1B David Cooper
          65. Chicago Cubs: OF Jaff Decker
          66. Seattle Mariners: LHP Tim Murphy
          67. Detroit Tigers: C-OF Ryan Lavarnway
          68. New York Mets: CF-2B Cutter Dykstra
          69. San Diego Padres: 2B Blake Stouffer
          70. Atlanta Braves: RHP Josh Lindblom
          71. Philadelphia Phillies: 3B Adam Abraham
          72. Colorado Rockies: RHP Cody Satterwhite
          73. Arizona Diamondbacks: RHP Ross Seaton
          74. Los Angeles Angels: RHP Alex Meyer
          75. New York Yankees: 1B Allen Dykstra
          76. Cleveland Indians: RHP Jack Armstrong Jr.
          77. Boston Red Sox: RHP Jason Jarvis

          Round 3
          78. Tampa Bay Rays: RHP Carlos Gutierrez
          79. Pittsburgh Pirates: OF Ricky Oropesa
          80. Kansas City Royals: C Jake Jefferies
          81. Baltimore Orioles: RHP Scott Bittle
          82. San Francisco Giants: LHP Justin Wilson
          83. Florida Marlins: RHP Daniel Marrs
          84. Cincinnati Reds: 3B Cody Overbeck
          85. Boston Red Sox: SS-RHP Jordy Mercer
          86. Chicago White Sox: OF Jordan Danks
          87. Washington Nationals: C Adrian Nieto
          88. Houston Astros: LHP Robbie Ross
          89. Texas Rangers: RHP Scott Green
          90. Oakland Athletics: OF Dominic de la Osa
          91. St. Louis Cardinals: LHP Anthony Capra
          92. Minnesota Twins: 3B Chris Dominguez
          93. Los Angeles Dodgers: RHP Taylor Jungmann
          94. Milwaukee Brewers: RHP Jacob Thompson
          95. Toronto Blue Jays: LHP Walker Kelly
          96. Atlanta Braves: RHP Preston Guilmet
          97. Chicago Cubs: OF Aaron Luna
          98. Seattle Mariners: OF Blake Tekotte
          99. Detroit Tigers: OF Kyle Russell
          100. New York Mets: RHP Brett Jacobsen
          101. San Diego Padres: RHP Scott Gorgen
          102. Philadelphia Phillies: RHP D.J. Mitchell
          103. Colorado Rockies: LHP Mike Montgomery
          104. Arizona Diamondbacks: C Kiel Roling
          105. Los Angeles Angels: LHP-OF Anthony Gose
          106. New York Yankees: RHP Sonny Gray
          107. Cleveland Indians: RHP Patrick Keating
          108. Boston Red Sox: LHP Nick Maronde

          Round 3 Supp
          109. Philadelphia Phillies: OF Jack Rye
          110. Houston Astros: INF-OF Avery Barnes
          111. San Diego Padres: INF Jermaine Curtis
          112. Los Angeles Angels: OF Eric Thames

          Round 4
          113. Tampa Bay Rays: C Ryan Babineau
          114. Pittsburgh Pirates: RHP Brett Hunter
          115. Kansas City Royals: RHP Aaron Weatherford
          116. Baltimore Orioles: SS Niko Vasquez
          117. San Francisco Giants: SS Jason Christian
          118. Florida Marlins: OF Xavier Avery
          119. Cincinnati Reds: LHP Wade Miley
          120. Chicago White Sox: SS-3B Ryan Flaherty
          121. Washington Nationals: RHP Luke Burnett
          122. Houston Astros: RHP: Andrew Liebel
          123. Texas Rangers: RHP Bobby Bundy
          124. Oakland Athletics: RHP Brett Marshall
          125. St. Louis Cardinals: 2B David Adams
          126. Minnesota Twins: LHP Jarret Martin
          127. Los Angeles Dodgers: RHP Javier Rodriguez
          128. Milwaukee Brewers: 1B Chase Davidson
          129. Toronto Blue Jays: RHP Clayton Shunick
          130. Atlanta Braves: LHP Brett Mooneyham
          131. Chicago Cubs: RHP Seth Lintz
          132. Seattle Mariners: Ryan O'Sullivan
          133. Detroit Tigers: 3B Zach Cox
          134. New York Mets: OF-1B Shane Peterson
          135. San Diego Padres: RHP Tyler Sample
          136. Philadelphia Phillies: OF Ryan Westmoreland
          137. Colorado Rockies: 2B Johnny Giovatella
          138. Arizona Diamondbacks: SS Dusty Coleman
          139. Los Angeles Angels: RHP Cody Adams
          140. New York Yankees: 3B-SS Harold Martinez
          141. Cleveland Indians: RHP Brad Holt
          142. Boston Red Sox: C Tim Federowicz
          Also, was on 1380 this afternoon and thought Chris Perez was at Memphis still...

          "Can't buy what I want because it's free...
          Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
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            This mock is pretty ambitious. That's the first I've heard of Skipworth at 2. REALLY doubt Crow lasts to 13. Scheppers hurt his arm and is very unlikely to go in the first round. If Fields goes at 10, that will be a surprise.

            But hey, whatever. At least he's putting it out there.

            Odorizzi made himself a lot of money this spring. A lot.


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              The Cards' Jeff Luhnow will be on 1380 this afternoon for those who wanna tune in...

              "Can't buy what I want because it's free...
              Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
              -- Pearl Jam, from the single Corduroy


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                I've seen Alvarez in person about 4 or 5 times. Never, not once, did I think he'd be some stud MLBer.

                David Price, OTOH.....
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                Jesus is . . .


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                  You know what time or anything?


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                    Originally posted by drobny23 View Post
                    I've seen Alvarez in person about 4 or 5 times. Never, not once, did I think he'd be some stud MLBer.

                    David Price, OTOH.....
                    He's been hurt this year...did you see him before that?


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                      Originally posted by backstop View Post
                      You know what time or anything?
                      I think they said 4:20...i'll double check

                      And from 'Bird Land'...

                      TOWER GROVE — The First-Year Player Draft is rapidly approaching — as Bryan Burwell opined on this morning – and it was the draft that sprang to mind when I read a recent entry at KC columnist Joe Posnanski’s baseball-enriched blog. He called it “The Dayton Game”.
                      Come play along.

                      As the Cardinals and 29 other MLB clubs conclude their preparation for the draft, which starts Thursday, most teams are rifling through scouting reports that include plenty of the 20-80 language so common to scouts. As they grade players around the country for the annual draft, scouts have traditionally used a scale that rates a player from 20 to 80 by 10s. A superb player — say, All-Star potential or better — gets a 60 or more. An average major-league player gets a 50. And so on.

                      Think Frank Thomas’ defense (20) all the way to Ozzie Smith’s (80).

                      Or, Cesar Izturis’ power (20) to Ryan Ludwick’s (50) to Albert Pujols’ (70+).

                      This blog (50). Posnanski’s (70).

                      And so on.

                      Since, I’m stealing shamelessly from Posnanski, check out his descriptions of the 20-80 scale for much more detail (and more laughs than I can provide). “The Dayton Game”, so named for KC general manager Dayton Moore, is counting up the number of 60s on any given team. It takes a tool used by scout’s to rank and evaluate amateur players for the draft and applies to the majors.

                      What a better way to begin a week of draft-related entries here at Bird Land by Counting the 60s with the Cardinals.
                      1. Pujols’ power … 70.
                      2. Pujols’ hitting … 80?
                      3. Yadier Molina’s arm … 70.
                      4. Rick Ankiel’s arm … 70.
                      5. Cesar Izturis’ glove … 60.
                      6. Brian Barton’s speed … 60.
                      7. Chris Perez’s fastball … 60 (65?)
                      8. Adam Wainwright’s curveball … 60 (70?)
                      Got some ideas? Some arguments? Anybody want to try the 2004 Cardinals? The ‘82 Birds? Heck, The Gashouse Gang?

                      Some draft nuggets: SS Casey Kelly, a Sarasota prep player, visited the Cardinals’ campus in Jupiter, Fla., for a workout. (He also worked out for the Marlins.) Kelly is the 19th-rank player in Baseball America’s rankings for the draft. He’s the son of former ballplayer Pat Kelly. Committed to play quarterback at Tennessee. … RHP Bobby Lanigan, of Adelphi, had a workout for the Cardinals in Newark. … OF/RHP Aaron Hicks, a prep player for Long Beach, had a strong workout with the Cardinals, as mentioned by and others. He is the No. 13-ranked player in BA. Switch-hitter is also expected to be available at pick 13. … 1B Brett Newsome, of Ambrose, traveled to Memphis for an invitation-only workout with the Cardinals. … And, Texas prep outfielder J. P. Ramirez, No. 155 in the BA rankings, attended the Cardinals’ workout in Houston. He’s a Tulane signee.


                      "Can't buy what I want because it's free...
                      Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
                      -- Pearl Jam, from the single Corduroy


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                        If Pete Kozma is available at 13, the Cards should snag him.
                        Dude. Can. Fly.


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                          Spark it up: it is as 4:20

                          "Can't buy what I want because it's free...
                          Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
                          -- Pearl Jam, from the single Corduroy


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                            Originally posted by 007 View Post
                            Spark it up: it is as 4:20


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                              lol at JoePos:

                              Nobody on the Royals except Gathright has 60 speed — in fact, I’m not sure there is anyone else on the team who has 50 speed. It’s funny, here in town people sometimes talk about David DeJesus running more — apparently because he’s a leadoff hitter — and they don’t take into account that he’s freaking slow*. I asked one baseball insider what it would take for DeJesus to steal more bases, and he said, “Move the bases closer together.”
                              Dude. Can. Fly.