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What is the deal on this Mike Anderson guy?

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  • What is the deal on this Mike Anderson guy?

    I don't post there often---but I had a school thread that was getting kind of lively--- on his mb---general media, or something. 4300 goodfellow was in the title.

    Today, I no longer exist---I cannot even get into the message board to see if anything happened to it. I reregistered, and got a note that an administrator is reviewing......

    Kudos to the post dispatch for their understanding of kjoese--
    [email protected]

    I need to rewrite this letter---the state board voted to allow itself to continue running the schools for 3 years.

    They rewrote it themselves,and printed it today, anyway. I think I will be assassinated this weekend, and nobody will notice because of all the Hillary stuff in Florida.

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    The Mizzou basketball coach?
    Make America Great For Once.


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      I think he'll have the Tigers back in the Big Dance within the next couple of years if the administration is patient with him.


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        used to post here as Pickering Online
        Official sponsor of Mike Shannon's Retirement Party


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          10-23-2006, 03:42 AM
          n00b. I need to go to ROLL CALL
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          I'm here and waiting

          Originally Posted by skippy05
          He's a lot like Rich from Maryland Heights...big man on the phone (or internet), but I'm willing to bet that face-to-face, he's not the big man is portends to be...

          Name the time and place, eraserhead...

          01-09-2007, 04:06 AM
          n00b. I need to go to ROLL CALL
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          From STLMedia

          Starting Monday, 590 The Fan will debut a new morning show lineup on “The Morning Grind” program featuring Tim McKernan, Mike “Chops” Ritter, Jen Pickett and newcomer, “The Bulldog” Bob Fescoe, who comes to KFNS with 7+ years of sports radio experience, most recently as host of the highly rated “Border Patrol” morning show on 810 WHB sports talk radio in Kansas City.

          Fescoe made national headlines after having his press credentials revoked by the Kansas City Royals after asking Royals owner, David Glass, some tough questions about The Royals payroll and management decisions. Long-time market veteran Tim McKernan continues in his current co-hosting role on the show and entertainment reporter Jen Pickett’s role has been expanded to 7-9AM each weekday.

          Current afternoon drive sports update reporter, Mike “Chops" Ritter, will handle the sports updates and add his unique perspective to the morning show. The Morning Grind will continue to air from 6:30–10AM, Monday through Friday.

          01-09-2007, 07:12 AM
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          Originally Posted by pickeringonline
          Here I am


          Sounds like he might have been pissed because early in my thread he said "nobody cares", so I apologized to the 200 plus people who had clicked on my thread and said let me direct you to something more interesting--and gave a link to one of his unanswered posts.

          I got this from the school board---


          In any case, we thank you for bringing this matter to the attention of the public. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

          Perhaps Pickering anderson said it best---

          Nobody cares.

          I feel safer.