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I have a tendancy to post repeat threads

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  • I have a tendancy to post repeat threads

    I hope this is not one.

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    Yaks has a website?
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        Originally posted by ElviswasaBluesFan View Post
        Yaks has a website?


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          I'll do the honors on this thread:

          It's a start Says:

          I am not happy it is taking so long to fix our schools but it took Conway, Schoemmel, Bosley and Harmon for the schools to get so bad…
          kjoe Says:

          I am not happy it is taking so long to fix our schools but it took Conway, Schoemmel, Bosley and Harmon for the schools to get so bad….
          That is an oft-stated mantra–and it is about 15 percent true. the 85 percent dates from 2003, and Mayor Slay’s maniacal dedication to his agenda of charter and voucher schools. The dramatic decline in assessment points dates from when Roberti was brought in at huge cost, with terrible results for st. louis taxpayers—but not necessarily for mayor Slay. His underlying attitude, was “we will have to destroy the schools in order to save them”. Roberti was an excellent start in achieving that.
          Then a funny thing happened. The people he had maneuvered onto the school board began to be thrown off the board by a very sinister force–voters. People were chosen–not perfect people–but people whose attitude was “what the hell is going on, here?” It reached a crisis point in the summer of 2006—when they dared to do something about the abuses of Floyd irons—which led to his buddy, superintendent Creg Williams being replaced–some argue he welcomed the opportunity to leave town. Bourisaw began trying to fix some things—she improved teacher morale to some extent—actually a bad sign, given the mayor’s agenda. The well-executed public relations project of recruiting governor Blunt and the increasingly right-wing nutjobs on the state board of education to strip st. louis voters of their having a say was successfully executed.
          The handling of the texasCan academy fiasco was about as brilliant a public relations job as the state board could have hoped for.
          Before the state takeover, when Bourisaw was naive enough to think the state might pay attention to anything she had to say, she wrote a letter to Kent King, dated May 11, 2007, advising him THREE TIMES to not deal with the texas Can people. They essentially told her to stfu about it, and established their own charter school. Some of us asked reporters to keep an eye on it—-but to no real avail.
          When the inevitable failure came over the ap wire out of Baton Rouge, ten days ago, St. Louis heard nothing about it. Day after day, we got other things to talk about–such as the non-story garbage about one student at gateway written by Giegerich for last Sunday’s paper. (ask any school administrator you know, if there was anything remotely newsworthy in that story). Finally, with the TexasCan article by David Hunn yesterday (kind of using the same timing principle as McCain releasing his medical records on the holiday weekend), the shocking details were released a few hours before the state board bozos awarded thmselves three more years of control. Public relations crisis over Can, successfully avoided. Soon forgotten.
          Kipps charter school will be the big story next year—with adversaries like Bourisaw eliminated, and the elected board severely squelched (they do send out a wealth of news releases on a daily basis–I hope that continues) it will be full steam ahead on the charter and voucher agenda. Kipps should be successful for a one or two hundred or so of the 25,000 or whatever it will be of slps students. It is an excellent program—but difficult to duplicate on a large basis. Essentially it is a bait and switch—it will help sell a lot of shoddy products, not as bad as can—but not very good.
          It is not the end of the world—but I think it serves as one way of getting a perspective on the level of media manipulation which goes on in st. louis on behalf of the powers that be.