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Who should Tony go out with now?

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  • Who should Tony go out with now?

    According to the Dallas Morning News and about 97 percent of the esteemed members of the blogosphere, Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson are done.
    OK, let's not get emotional. It's time to move on. Page 2 decided to be constructive and try to fill the hole in Tony's heart.
    Here are a few suggestions for No. 9's next piece of arm candy.

    Barbara Bush Debbie Clemens

    The 411: She's a Texan, she's comes with her own security, and if the Cowboys win the Super Bowl, Romo can borrow her dad's "Mission Accomplished" banner.

    The 411: First of all, Deb is only 28 if you adjust according to the HGH age curve. Plus, you probably could persuade her to name all your kids with the initials T.D.

    Vanessa Minnillo Lauren Conrad

    The 411: Going with Nick Lachey's table scraps hasn't been that bad. And as long as she doesn't come with a creepy Svengali dad, why not?

    The 411: Likes the limelight? Check. Likes to hit the club scene? Check. Concerned about performance in personal "game" film? Big check. Wow, these two have a ton in common.

    Victoria Principal Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders

    The 411: What better way to get on the good side of the people of Dallas than dating one of the biggest stars of the show "Dallas"? Come on! Cougars are so in!

    The 411: In any social situation, asking yourself "What would Hugh Hefner do?" will never lead you astray.

    Minka Kelly Lindsay Lohan

    The 411: She's not a high school cheerleader, but she plays one on TV. Stop … that's more than enough. Just don't get injured or she'll cheat on you with your fullback.

    The 411: True, sort of a train wreck, but she's not on speaking terms with her dad. That's a huge plus.

    Jessica Biel Star Jones

    The 411: Rule No. 1 in the celebrity dating bro code: If it's good enough for Jeter and JT, it's good enough for anyone.

    The 411: "She's a Star; you have a star on your helmet." The football gods are obviously speaking to Romo.

    Marisa Miller Bridget Moynahan
    The 411: Hey, Tom Brady, would you like to meet my lady friend? Her name is Gisele 2.0.

    The 411: She already dated a star NFL quarterback. And what better way for Romo to get inside Tom Brady's head before a potential Super Bowl matchup than by raising his kid for him?

    Tila Tequila Mindy McCready
    The 411: Mmmm … tequila. Delicious on those quick playoff bye week vacations to Mexico.
    The 411: Sure, Mindy may have a couple of miles on her, but you have to admit a girl is much more attractive when there's no chance of "Dateline NBC" interrupting your date.

    Gloria James Evan Longoria
    The 411: Just knowing she would go after Osi Umenyiora after he drills Romo to the turf would be worth it.
    The 411: Whoa … this is what happens when you ask Ronaldo if he knows any hotties.

    Photo credits:, AP and Getty Images

    Mike Philbrick, David Schoenfield and DJ Gallo contributed to this wicked awesome report.

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    Marissa Miller.
    Official Lounge Sponsor of Candy.

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      I thought this was about St. Louis's Tony and I was gonna pick designated driver.
      Be passionate about what you believe in, or why bother.


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        I LOLed at Evan Longoria.


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          Originally posted by madyaks View Post
          I thought this was about St. Louis's Tony and I was gonna pick designated driver.

          Laclede Cab...