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Major Drug bust at San Diego State, 96 arrested

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  • Major Drug bust at San Diego State, 96 arrested

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Almost 100 people have been arrested after an undercover drug operation at San Diego State University in California.
    The Drug Enforcement Administration said Tuesday 75 students were among the 96 people arrested. Some of the arrested students were working toward criminal justice and homeland security degrees.

    According to a news release, campus police and the DEA began an undercover operation after the death of a student from an overdose in May 2007. A second overdose death occurred as recently as February at a fraternity house.

    "DEA agents infiltrated several student drug distribution cells and more than 130 drug purchases and seizures were made" during the investigation known as Operation Sudden Fall, according to the press release.

    Officials arrested the 75 students and 21 non-students on a variety of drug charges ranging from possession to selling cocaine.

    "Stay Classy, San Diego."

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    You take Sally
    And I'll take Sue
    There ain't no difference
    Between the two
    Runnin' all around my brain
    His mind is not for rent, to any god or government.
    Pointless debate is what we do here -- lvr


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      Presser on CNN now.


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        People do drugs in college?



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          Originally posted by Jeffro View Post
          People do drugs in college?


          However there have been 2 related deaths...


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            One was going to get a Criminal Justice degree, another a Homeland Security degree.
            One guy asked if this would hurt his chances to become a federal agent. lol

            4 LBS of Coke, 50 lbs of smoke, guns, cash.
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