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Web Site Offers Free Breast Implants

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  • Web Site Offers Free Breast Implants

    ATLANTA — Hundreds of young Atlanta women are signed up on a Web site that some critics are calling total exploitation. The founders call it free enterprise. And just about everyone Channel 2 showed it to called it shocking. It’s called and it’s a donation site for young women who want free breast implants. But it’s what they do to get the big money that’s troubling for some. is a business venture hatched at a bachelor party in Las Vegas to help young women raise thousands of dollars for breast augmentation surgery through online donors. Five-thousand women are now signed up. Here’s how it works. The women create a profile on the site that can only be accessed by people, mostly men, who pay a $40 subscription fee and then donate to the women they like. On their profile are pictures the young women provide, usually sexy, nude pictures. And it appears, the more naked their pictures are, the more money they make.
    Tammi Ray, 18, told Channel 2 she is desperate for implants and thinks they will improve her life. She posted topless pictures of herself. When asked how she felt about posting them, she said, “Nervous, scared. I still am. I think every day to take them off, but I don’t because I know I need them up there.” Rosseter was with Ray when she showed her mother the profile pictures. Mom wasn’t happy with the nudity but she supported her daughter.
    “If this is something that is going to make her happy and boost her confidence in life to get here where she wants to go in life, then I back her on this,” said mom Tammy Ray.
    If you believe in something sacrifice a hobo to it or don't bother.

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    Give us a link to yours so we can vote for you.



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      just women? That is sexist!
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        Belated wedding present?

        jj twiggs - A great family restaurant

        Dear God, KBF here. I'd just like to say thanks, once again, for allowing Dusty Baker and I to live during the same time period. Every time I think he's given me his last gift -- overpitching Prior in the playoffs, getting cocky in Game 6 vs. the Angels, blowing another game for the Cubs -- he does something stupid like pitching to Albert Pujols. Thy will be done, baby!!!!!


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          What a brilliant idea! I wish I would have thought of it.


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            If you believe in something sacrifice a hobo to it or don't bother.