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  • Comical scene of the evening

    After a stinker of a loss a little hilarity.

    So I decide to go get the car washed and bring the dog with me, who loves to take a ride in the car.

    After entering the car wash he proceeds to go crazy, barking incesently at the wash wand as it roves around the car.

    Worse yet, he jumps on my lap during the wash cycle and his paws hit the power window buttons, opening the windows during the cycle and soaking the back seats.

    Quite the mess.

    Memo to self: Don't take the dog through the car wash.

    That is all.

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    it would have been more comical to tie him to the outside of the car...

    ... o.k., maybe that would of just been mean
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      but actually when i first got my dog i took him down to the wash it yourself. i let him stay in the car and even left it on, i probably shouldn't have let him listen to nine inch nails cause he freaked. he jumped to the floor of the driver's seat and hit the brake which locked the doors. luckily the old lady was home and came to save us with the extra keys