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A hiccup in the road to SSD dominance

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  • A hiccup in the road to SSD dominance

    Just when it was looking like actual spinning metal disks were going to be crushed by SSDs in performance as well as quiet, Western Digital has fired a new shot in the storage wars. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Western Digital Velociraptor:

    This drive is only 35-50% faster than its predecessor, the Raptor-X, with twice the capacity; amazingly enough, it's also a 2.5" drive rather than a 3.5", and it comes with a custom heatsink mount called IcePak for use in standard drive bays (which means it can fit into a notebook). It does all this without even being a hybrid drive - no concessions to SSD technology at all. Perhaps hard disks will be with us for another year after all.

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    MaximumPC says that in the "real world" benchmark, a fast SSD (Mitron Pro-64) is still 80% faster than a single Velociraptor and 47% faster than two of them in RAID-0:

    The difference is that the SSD is thirty times more expensive on a $/GB basis.


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      Sometimes elections have positive consequences!


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          That's pretty bitch.
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