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Last week for the Nighthawk

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  • Last week for the Nighthawk

    The Air Force will retire the F-117 Nighthawk from service on 21 April, 2008.

    Only 59 of them ever built, yet they're considered the greatest leap in military aviation since at least the A-12/SR-71. They're to be replaced by Raptors and Lightning IIs. Didn't realize that was happening so soon, though.

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    who would have thought that a plane with that much technology would be retired from service. I remember when the plane was coming into service and the speculation on the shape of the fuselage. I had a pretty sweet model with one guess. I guess when McDonnell Douglas builds such quality like the F-15 and f-18 the bar is set pretty high.

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      I wonder how many years it will before the local Legion hall can add one to their monument park? 25? 50?


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        I thought George Noory was retiring
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