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Maria gets pissed after she was told she couldn't piss

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  • Maria gets pissed after she was told she couldn't piss

    She is trying really hard to learn to play on clay---looking towards the French open, the only grand slam she has not won. She played a 3 set 3.5 hour match yesterday, and almost 3 hours today, and has one tomorrow.

    This one was on the tv at the gym, sound was muted, but i was reading what her coach was telling her, before she started the third set against Bodarenko, (who, by the way, I think looks like Kournikova, but hotter). Her coach told her to run her opponent all over the place, and it would break her, because she is a psycho. Maria reminded him that "hey---I'm a psycho, too"

    Earlier in the match---an online account---damn---I need to get a life.

    oh ow...
    Maria asked to go to the bathroom... and the chair judge didn't let her go...

    Maria now is pissed...

    Maria isn't looking good...
    don't know she's tired or more frustrated...
    she's not celebrating that much... is walking slow...
    looks like there's a rule.. you can only go to the bathroom between sets

    the judge finally let her and Maria made an ironic joke about it...

    Maria is really funny to watch when she's pissed off. "It's a miracle"
    she won again--6-7 6-3 6-2.

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