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Bush To Cut Army Tours To One Year

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  • Bush To Cut Army Tours To One Year

    WASHINGTON — - President Bush plans to announce today that he will cut Army combat tours in Iraq from 15 months to 12 months.

    The decision will reduce rotations to where they were before last year's troop buildup, in an effort to alleviate the tremendous stress on the military, administration officials said.

    The move is in response to intense pressure from service commanders who have expressed anxiety about the toll of long deployments on their soldiers and, more broadly, about the U.S. military's ability to confront unanticipated threats. Bush will announce the decision during a national speech in which aides said he will also embrace Army Gen. David H. Petraeus' plan to indefinitely suspend a drawdown of forces.

    The elimination of 15-month tours will restore deployments to an equal balance of one year in the war zone followed by one year at home. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates extended the tours almost exactly a year ago to provide enough forces for Bush's "surge" of 20,000 additional combat troops and 8,000 support troops. But Army leaders have complained about the strain.
    Isn't the one year in Iraq and one year back at home Exactly what Democrats passed in a bill that Bush vetoed because it would damage the military or something?
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    Kinda like my pals that took a 6 month float that turned into 9 months back in 1994?
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      Yep, my GW1 year tour ended in a year and a half. I was a highly motivated troop those last 6 months.


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