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  • R2-D2 needs repairs

    LONDON, April 10 (UPI) -- The family of Kenny Baker said the British actor who played beloved droid R2-D2 in the "Star Wars" movies was hospitalized after an apparent asthma attack.

    Baker frequently travels to appear at sci-fi and fan conventions.

    The Daily Telegraph said the 73-year-old actor fell ill during a return flight to England after a trip to Chicago.

    Baker, who stands 3-foot-8, was taken to a hospital after the plane landed.

    His family said he is expected to return home later this week.

    "Kenny's conscious and talking. Hopefully, he'll be absolutely fine," a relative told the Telegraph.

    His son, Kevin, told The Lancashire Evening Post this "is just a recurring problem with his asthma which he has suffered with for a while now; it is nothing serious, just something that flares up every now and then.

    "He just loves going to these conventions and meeting his fans," the younger Baker added. "He gets on so well with the other guys from 'Star Wars' and hates turning down any opportunity to appear. I am sure he will want to get going again as soon as he is out of hospital, but I am going to have to try and slow him down a bit."
    73?!? Jebus, he's old!
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    Get well soon, Fidgit...

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      Time of my all-time favorite movies.


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        Anyone remember the TV series they created for Time Bandits....did that even last more than 2 seasons?