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    So I get the mail yesterday and find a letter from my home owner's association. In the letter they request that I (along with all the other HOA members) send in a copy of my insurance declaration for purposes I have yet to really understand.

    My only reaction to this request is to not comply with it on the grounds that it is no business of theirs to know how much coverage I have for the stuff that the HOA insurance won't cover. The HOA insurance covers from the drywall out and my personal insurance needs to cover from the paint in.

    So my question, which I think I already know the answer to, is am I well within my rights to basically tell the nosey old fucks of the HOA to piss off? I can't think of any reason they would need that information from us.

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    Any requirement within your by-laws that you maintain insurance?
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      Originally posted by tallahassee blues fan View Post
      Any requirement within your by-laws that you maintain insurance?
      I'll have to check but I'm thinking no.

      And even if there was I'm not sure why a letter from my insurance agent simply saying that we have "renters" insurance and when it expires wouldn't suffice.

      Basically what they did was bring in the HOA insurnace agent and "guesstimated" what the HOA thinks the coverage on renters insurance should be simply by looking at the outside of the units. They did not go into each unit individually and see what was in there.

      For instance, our basement is finished. However, our neighbor's basement isn't. So my question is how can the HOA figure out what either of our coverage level should be if they don't know exactly what is in each house?

      Also, we had to have proof of insurance when we got our mortgage.

      I feel that if they're not helping pay the mortgage then they shouldn't have the right to care what happens to the inside of the house.