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  • Who wants to do me a favor?

    Call the number in this ad. Ask about the DVDs. This is an april fools joke that has not worked out as I had hoped. He has only gotten one call on it. (thanks Gup) If he could get a few more, I would really appreciate it.

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    You made the price too high.
    Of course you do.


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      How many friends will you ask before approaching a minority?
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        Originally posted by Ohio Blues View Post
        How many friends will you ask before approaching a minority?
        I am the minority.
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          I just called and said I've been looking for Babylon 5 season 1...that's an awesome price!


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            Just called -

            The guy said - the post on Craig List is wrong and the number is incorrect.
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              You are too nice. I heard that one. Compared to most others that have called, you let him off too easy!

              Thanks though. Everyone here is really enjoying this. My whole group knows whats up except this guy. LOL!


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                this is really a great gag. We might do this to my cousin. Put his newer Tahoe for sale somewhere for like $1500 OBO.
                Sometimes elections have positive consequences!


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                  I felt bad for the guy....he even said do you know how to post that the number is wrong