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Slaten's image on a piece of toast?

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  • Slaten's image on a piece of toast?

    Props to "Splinter" of InsideSTL for finding this gem
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    "Can't buy what I want because it's free...
    Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
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    oh yeah...

    "Can't buy what I want because it's free...
    Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
    -- Pearl Jam, from the single Corduroy


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      Ha...someone must have used a cookie cut out and attached it to the toast.

      Slaten...he is very cock-esque, though.


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          funniest thing ever?
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            Seriously, read the ebay link...

            I was buttering some toast this morning and this strange image suddenly appeared...

            I showed it to my friend and he said... "Hey, that's Kevin Slaten !"

            I showed it to my neighbor and he said "Hey, that's Kevin Slaten !"

            I showed it to my friends wife and she said, "Hey, That's Kevin Slaten !"

            I showed it to a little old lady and she said "Hey, THAT'S KEVIN SLATEN !"

            I showed it to my co-worker and he said "HEY, THAT'S KEVIN SLATEN !"

            Now I don't know Kevin Slaten and have never met him, so I have no idea if it looks like him or not....

            I've lived in St Louis ALL my life and NEVER HEARD OF HIM, so I googled him and I learned alot.....

            1) St Louis Sportscaster and Rams Announcer Steve Savard HATES HIM !

            2) St Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa HATES HIM !

            3) The Post Dispatch reported he was arrested for "allegedly" assaulting his wife and another woman in 1994 at the Trainwreck Saloon in Rock Hill, Mo
            Not sure how they feel about him....but I'm guessin THEY HATE HIM

            4) He was convicted of Felonious Assault in 1994 for beating up Gregg Cumberledge and Catherine Welker in the Arena Parking Lot.
            So I'd imagine they HATE HIM TOO !

            5) St Louis Cardinal Coach Dave Duncan HATES HIM !

            6) Former NFL Player Demetrious Johnson REALLY, REALLY, HATES HIM !

            7) He was fired from being the announcer for the St Louis Steamers Soccer Team for punching Buffalo Stallions Forward John Dolinski.
            Therefore, John Dolinski HATES HIM TOO !

            8) He has some sort of talk show no one listens to and hates anyone mentioning he's going to be 55 years old.....

            Hmm...perhaps Zip Rzeppa is available !

            "Can't buy what I want because it's free...
            Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
            -- Pearl Jam, from the single Corduroy


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              50% of tha sale's proceeds go to a domestic violence shelter!
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                That is some funny shit, now.
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                  Props to whoever did this. A+

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                    Anyone read that link to Demetrious Johnson's page? He needs a lesson in sentence structure and punctuation. Subject, predicate, etc.

                    One Racist View

                    By Demetrious Johnson

                    Let me start off by saying congratulations to the Vashon Basketball team. In case you have not heard the Wolverines won their tenth state title, beating Springfield Kickapoo 58-55. This to me was one of the finest coaching jobs by Floyd Irons, who I consider to be the best coach in the state of Missouri.

                    Take at look at these numbers, over the last three years Vashon’s record is 87-3, Vashon is number one in final four appearances, has eleven state titles, twenty-eight state appearances, and Vashon in large the large school category, has the most consecutive championship wins, and has won the last three out of five state titles.

                    Coach Irons, in my opinion, did the best coaching job of his illustrious career. This difficult job was accomplished even though he was not allowed in the building to prepare his team for tournament play, and wild unfounded accusations swirled around the community about him being arrested for various criminal actions and stealing money. It is well known throughout the black community, that this character assassination upon Coach Irons’ good name was orchestrated by St. Louis Public School Board members, Bill Purdy, Veronica O'Brien, with help from Steve Womack principal at Clyde C. Miller Academy. A source told me that Womack was spear heading the investigation motivated by petty vindictiveness for his own personal gain. Coach Irons had to coach his team without being in the building on a daily basis, make sure his kids went to class, stay out of trouble and stay disciplined. What a fantastic job this man has done for the program he so dearly loves! Name me other coach who has accomplished that and won a championship?

                    Unfortunately that does not seem to stop the biggest white racist in the state of Missouri from constantly attacking one of our black icons. That bombastic windbag, Kevin Slaten from FANS 590 radio, has used the airways to try to discredit Coach Irons. He is continuously spreading lies and downright trash, claiming Coach Irons cheats, is a liar and should not be allowed to coach. The depths of Slaten’s gutter dwelling venom are illustrated by his attacks on Coach Irons, by using Malik White, who is deceased to make a point about Coach Floyd Irons’ character. What a shame that the White family have to be subjected to their departed son being raked through the mud by the likes of such a scum bag journalist, who has never walked in the shoes of a high school coach. Slaten is constantly referring to black NBA players as thugs, drunks, and hoodlums saying things like they should be locked up. He always wants to challenge the integrity and the morals of black people. The racial bent of his commentaries makes one wonder if this man has been reading the racial rhetoric of some secret societies.

                    Everyone Kevin Slaten attacks is personal. The problem he has with me, is that he wanted his son to play in my National High School Basketball Game his senior year. Slaten was informed that due to his behavior, he was not welcome to come to the game, but his son would be allowed to play with welcomed arms. We simply did not want to take the chance of Slaten disrupting the games. His disruptive behavior is well document during the time he was announcing indoor soccer.

                    Unfortunately, his son was unable to showcase his ability at this annual classic, because Slaten refused to let his son play in the national game.

                    Slaten’s problem with Coach Irons stems from the fact that Coach Irons did not allow Slaten’s son to be the star on the AAU basketball team, which featured Jimmy McKinney and Nicholas Kern. Slaten also felt Coach Irons should not have influenced Mizzou, St. Louis U and other Division 1 schools recruitment of his son, and that Coach Irons should have let Slaten’s son become the first white basketball player to play for Vashon.

                    Slaten problems with Quinn Snyder and Mike Alden steams from Norman Stewart who conditionally promised Slaten’s son a basketball scholarship, but Quinn did not; and Mike Alden he was the ones to fire Norman Stewart.

                    I just know with his self promoting, back slapping, and self righteous behavior, Slaten is not what he presents himself to be. He is demented in his thought process and insecure in his thinking, and has the need to continuously attack people, all people, especially fellow journalist and the black community.

                    So is Slaten as perfect as his own little mind thinks? Sources have indicated to me that Slaten’s public record indicates that he has a checkered past with law enforcement. Most recent he was arrested in early 2002, for driving drunk and peace disturbance. A warrant was issued for his arrest on the same charges later that year, and he was arrested again. He has additionally been arrested for 2nd degree felony assault and 3rd degree misdemeanor assault. This is the same person who wants to talk about integrity and morals.

                    It doesn't stop there. A source from Marquette High School told me that they had to band Slaten from attending his son’s basketball games because he was threatening the basketball officials and continuously used foul language. Apparently, it finally got to the point that the Marquette officials determined that he was an embarrassment to their fine school, and would not subject the coaching staff, parents, and the student to his foul and outrageous outburst. It is also well documented that Slaten, while working as the public address announcer for an indoor soccer game, actually injected himself into the game and attacked a visiting player. He obviously has a problem with anger management and self control.

                    The head basketball coach at the University of Missouri St. Louis told me that he harasses him at their basketball games when his son plays. He screams at the coach during and after the games. Coach Pliz told me about an incident after one on the games. Coach Pliz said they had just won the game and Slaten came up behind he saying things, like you can’t coach, you got lucky. Chris Pliz’s wife was there and asked Slaten what was wrong, saying we just won the game. Pliz and others said that Kevin Slaten turned toward his wife and started shouting and using foul and vulgar language at her, the police had to restrain Kevin Slaten. There are other stories of Slaten’s unmanly behavior toward women and kids, yet if a man steps in to interject he meekly slithers off.

                    He is the same guy who challenged a black congressman on his radio show because NASCAR car is doing a partnership with black colleges. Slaten said that was discrimination against whites.

                    This is the same guy, one of the nicest people in St. Louis media Steve Savard, wanted to rip his head off. Again, Slaten meekly slithered off when challenged by Savard. Slaten is the same guy that calls people drunks, thugs and hoodlums, yet fails to look to his own checkered past. This is the same guy who wants to question people’s integrity, honesty and morals.

                    Slaten is the benefactor of racism that unfortunately lives on in the minds of small people; because of comments made be Slaten racism is indirectly promoted by him. In this town; he is saying what some whites want to say. He is tough behind the mic; he is a coward who bullies women, asks Chris Pilzs’ wife, he is the drunk, thug, hoodlum, and has no character, integrity morals, or class. His is a white man that 590 KFANS allows do to whatever he wants. Just ask Mike Claiborne who Slaten has tried to get fired. It's a shame, especially when I hear black folks calling this racist radio show and then agreeing with him, calling him the king. We need to call him the dragon.

                    We need to start looking at the sponsors, and show them we are not going tolerate this anymore. In short my friends, Slaten is NOT a right thinking kind of guy! He is more of a demented kind of guy
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                      Return policy details:
                      Money refunded if Slaten lets LaRussa, Duncan and Savard spank him on pitchers mound at Busch Stadium on Labor Day while April Simpson sings "Take me out to the ballgame" in a thong.


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                        Everyone Kevin Slaten attacks is personal.

                        everyone is personal?
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                          This was my favorite:

                          Slaten problems with Quinn Snyder and Mike Alden steams from Norman Stewart who conditionally promised Slaten’s son a basketball scholarship, but Quinn did not; and Mike Alden he was the ones to fire Norman Stewart.
                          Steams? Mike Alden he was the ones to fire Norman Stewart?

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                            I do know that Slaten was banned from attending basketball games @ Parkway West due to his behavior.
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                              Originally posted by BringBackZezel View Post
                              I do know that Slaten was banned from attending basketball games @ Parkway West due to his behavior.
                              you spelled band wrong
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