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  • Legal Advice Needed

    I usually handle personal matters via PM, but since he won’t respond to me here or by email, this is my only place to vent my frustrations.

    I met with a “friend” from the lounge for the first time on Sunday. He wanted me to try what he called a new soda, it tasted a little different from anything I’ve ever had but it wasn’t bad. After 3-4 I started feeling light headed, I just assumed that my blood sugar level was rising because I’m used to drinking diet. I went straight from his house to church Sunday night, and after our meeting, my pastor called me back into his office and asked why I smelled of alcohol. I told him what happened, that this person let me try this new soda he had made.

    Long story short, as you guys know we don’t drink any form of alcohol and this person knew it…but lied to me and gave it to me anyway. This morning I got word that the church board met last night and removed me as Associate Pastor, and they also sent word to our District Board (on which I also serve), and they are also removing me from my position, and I have to go before them next month before they decide whether or not to revoke my license.

    I’m trying to keep this person’s name out of it, but do I have any recourse against him? I just want my life back; his deception has cost me everything that I’ve spent most of my life trying to establish.

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    ...holy shit.

    Maybe I'm off base, but I feel like everyone here should know who that is, because...damn. What a fucking scum bag.


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      April Fool's?
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        Is this an April 1 gag?
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          Come on, people.


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            ...I'm a sucker.

            Or so I hope.


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              I'd let your Pastor know the full details.

              The person who did this is indeed a scumbag.

              Or, is the April Fools joke?
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                This isn't some sort of April Fool's joke, is it?
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                  Um... April Fool's?
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                    My advice to you is to drink heavily.

                    It's April 1st baby.
                    From this day forward, I no longer shall tinker with the machinery of death.

                    For more than 20 years I have endeavored-indeed, I have struggled-along with a majority of this Court, to develop procedural & substantive rules that would lend more than the mere appearance of fairness to the death penalty endeavor.

                    I feel morally and intellectually obligated simply to concede that the death penalty experiment has failed.

                    The path the Court has chosen lessens us all. I dissent.


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                      Repent your sin and all will be forgiven.


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                        August Busch, Jr. is a member on this board?
                        Of course you do.


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                          I'm sorry.

                          Happy now God-boy?


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                            What did you expect when you drank Beer-Flavored Jones Soda?


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                              Even if it is an April Fool's joke I still want to know the Lounge member.

                              Hell, even if a person never drank booze in their life they would know they were drinking something "evil" if given a special soda. I never shot heroin but I think I'd know the difference between it and sugar water.