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  • Jose Canseco on Howard Stern

    -Jose's ex wife says he literally has no balls due to steroids and he never gave her an orgasm. Jose says he has a big penis though.
    -he called himself the GodFather of steroids.
    -says A-Rod tried to bang his ex wife Jessica when he was 18 or 19. He says they did have sex later and he confronted him but A-Rod denied it. He says his ex wife "kind of admitted it", but believes she did it
    -Howard wants to know why A-Rod would go after his ex wife when he can have any woman he wants? Jose says because she was drop dead gorgeous and no man could resist her.
    -Howard says why did you cheat on her then? Because I was stupid he said. Also said he was the "best player in the World" and when he would get back to the hotel, 2 girls would be waiting in his bed. He says they paid off security to get in there so he would bang them.
    -he introduced A-Rod to his steroids dealer, doesn't know what happened after that.
    -Jose says Howard would be 275 lbs with his height (6'5") if he took steroids under his guidance.
    -Jose says he doesn't miss the steroids now, but it was "part of the game"
    -Admits he got caught in "athlete/money world of big money and women"
    -Admits he isn't a good businessman because he spent a lot of money on homes and cars instead of hanging on to it or investing properly.
    -lost a lot of money investing in some "Mexican" telecommunications company.
    -has gotten rid of everything that was related to MLB because he hates what "they did to me"
    -suspected Clemens did steroids but has no solid evidence. He tried to get information from him about what he was taking but never got it.
    -Howard brought in the current girlfriend and grilled her about their sex life;half Asian, big boobs. Howard: "This is why we fought in Vietnam so girls like you could get over here."
    -She says he gives her an orgasm and his ex wife lied, but his balls are small
    -says he has nightmares/dreams about playing the game. Artie says, "I would think all your nightmares would have to do with Gibson hitting that homerun." Canseco says that is Eckersley's nightmare.
    -says he has been asked to do Ultimate Fighting in a show Mark Barnett (Survivor) is developing.
    -says he doesn't own guns because he can defend himself
    -hasn't gotten paid for this book yet because he has to do a certain amount of interviews before he gets his advance. (was on Letterman last night)
    -he thinks baseball is on the right track to being clean, but players are scared of getting caught using now.
    -caller called him a "rat fuck and says he ruined baseball". Called him and McNamee a scumbag. Canseco refused to respond.
    -another caller asked if he was worried about developing cancer down the line. He says it's been 20 years of using and has not developed any health problems. Says Lyle Alzado did not die from steroids.
    -says he watches Baseball Tonight and watched a few innings from yesterday's games but money and politics have ruined the game.
    -says men have came on to him sexually but has never done anything with a man.

    Really doesn't sound like anything new or riveting in the book, just trying to make more money off the steroids story.
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    You gotta love America


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      Great stuff.

      The interview on right now was great.

      Ripped tony and dunc.
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        Whoops. Jose may have some 'splaining to do.

        Exclusive: The man behind the Max

        By Selena Roberts and David Epstein, Sports Illustrated

        MIAMI -- As the Justice Department pursues its perjury investigation of Roger Clemens, Jose Canseco may put his credibility at risk during a scheduled interview with federal agents next week if the author of Vindicated discloses the identity of "Max."

        Canseco uses that pseudonym on page 184 of his latest book to describe the personal trainer and alleged steroid pusher whom he claims he introduced to Alex Rodriguez. In a Miami-area restaurant on Tuesday night, trainer Joseph Dion read the passage in front of two SI reporters and instantly identified Max.

        "That's gotta be me," Dion said.

        Dion said that Canseco is partially accurate in his portrayal of Max. Yes, Dion is a Canadian-born trainer who knew Canseco during his Toronto Blue Jays days. And it's true that Dion moved back to Miami, where he was raised, and was introduced to Rodriguez by Canseco in the late '90s. Dion said he worked with Rodriguez for four years when the current Yankee played for the Seattle Mariners.

        But Dion adamantly denies Canseco's written account of Max as a "fan of steroids" who began working with Rodriguez specifically to juice the young phenom's body with illicit performance-enhancing drugs.

        "That's really, really funny because I am the one person that hates steroids," Dion said. "I'm against it 100 percent. And, A-Rod, at the time that I trained him -- and this I swear to God -- was 100 percent against steroids. He was one of the hardest working guys, and most natural guy, that I've met in my life. He hated steroids. We talked about it."

        With a shaven head and wearing a skin-tight Under Armour shirt, Dion looks lean and toned but not overblown. Nearing age 50, he remains a trainer in South Florida who works in a gym in a strip mall. He maintains a client list that includes housewives, prep athletes and two or three pro players.

        The contradictions between Dion's and Canseco's stories are important, not just to the authenticity of Rodriguez's march through baseball history, but to federal investigators who have been trying to unearth steroid users and suppliers since agents raided BALCO in 2003. Whether investigating Barry Bonds or Clemens or Olympic stars and coaches, determining the credibility of witnesses is essential in the government's sweeping steroid investigation of sports.

        On Friday, Canseco returned a call from SI regarding Dion's claim but said, "Ask him to call me. I want to talk to him before I comment on it." An associate close to Canseco confirmed that Dion is "Max" in the book.
        Dion said that to this point no one -- not Canseco, federal agents, Major League Baseball, the book's publisher, Simon Spotlight, or Rodriguez -- have contacted him since the release of Vindicated.

        If investigators ask to interview him, Dion said he would agree.
        "I'm clean," he said. "I have no reason for concern."

        By his account, Dion is a simple fitness devotee and instructor who runs five miles a day, eats brown rice with his sushi and doesn't push protein powders on his clients, much less steroids. If Dion is telling the truth, why would Canseco fabricate a steroid identity for him?

        "I'm hurt in every way because it's not right and it's not true," Dion said. "I don't know if he is [writing Vindicated] for business or for fame or what."

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        Dear God, KBF here. I'd just like to say thanks, once again, for allowing Dusty Baker and I to live during the same time period. Every time I think he's given me his last gift -- overpitching Prior in the playoffs, getting cocky in Game 6 vs. the Angels, blowing another game for the Cubs -- he does something stupid like pitching to Albert Pujols. Thy will be done, baby!!!!!