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I might have pissed off a panel advocating solutions for special needs students.

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  • I might have pissed off a panel advocating solutions for special needs students.

    Just a simple letter grade would help me figure out what I did, here.

    Special Needs Student Education Chat Wednesday

    A variety of education players will be on-hand, including C. K. “Chip” Casteel Jr., Senior Vice President of Public Policy for RCGA and moderator Anna Rich, director of the St. Louis Learning Disabilities Program. Discussion panelist members include Dave Roland of the Show Me Institute, David Thomas of Logos School and Patricia Hardman of the Florida McKay Coalition.
    The panel will Special Education diagnosis, services and “new national trends on creating more financial support for children with special needs.”
    Children with special needs are often expensive and difficult to educate. You would think anyone willing to tackle that sort of thing should not be met with someone googling their names in search of political bias or agenda. Sometimes, I just cannot help myself.

    One detail I want to explain----I am very concerned about governor Blunt's efforts to pack the state board of education with people with right-wing education agendas. One of them is a woman from Wentzville, who has a construction corporation called building for Christ, and who was also a republican delegate for Alan keyes. The longest standing member is the guy who built Branson, who has given dozens of millions of dollars to the republican party.

    The head of the takeover board is Mcbride homebuilder Rick Sullivan. So when I learned two of these characters on the panel were homebuilders in Florida--I thought it was funny--I poked a little fun at them. Maybe building homes and churches is what it takes to solve education problems.

    Perhaps kah is right----I am what is wrong with the lounge. And now i could also be what is wrong with pubdef.

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    Mother fuck them every chance you get joe.


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      I have fired off an e-mail demanding they add bbz as a research consultant.

      Who says MO isn't progressive?

      We're the ONLY state that allows Mixed Martial Arts fighting among children as young as 6.

      I can't wait for the PPV.


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        Do you have any idea why Disney hates moms?
        If you believe in something sacrifice a hobo to it or don't bother.


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          Originally posted by Turd Ferguson View Post
          Do you have any idea why Disney hates moms?
          Disney is building an adults-only theme park in Florida...that at least like adults

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          Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
          -- Pearl Jam, from the single Corduroy


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            Originally posted by Turd Ferguson View Post
            Do you have any idea why Disney hates moms?

            Britney Spears to take Kevin Federline to Disney World to celebrate

            BRITNEY SPEARS IS pregnant with her third child ... Britney Spears wants to take ex-husband Kevin Federline to Disney World to ...


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              kjoe - when you don't piss em off - you should worry.
              Turning the other cheek is better than burying the other body.

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                It is gradually emerging (to me, anyway) that these were some right wing voucher advocates, very connected to the Florida republican party.

                kjoe Says:

                If I could choose one person, and one person only to check out this link—It would be Rodney Hubbard. (Antonio is his campaign manager).
                I do not know if this link will work—if you paste it into your search it will probably get you there. It dates back to 2004.
                It is quite lengthy, and includes another editorial, much more harshly worded, from the Palm Beach Post. Here is an excerpt—maybe 1 tenth of the material on this link:
                While Hardman earns about $60,000 a year (there is a for profit testing angle she uses) and her top administrator earns about $50,000, the school’s teachers currently make $12,000 a year — less than half of what starting teachers in Leon County’s public schools are paid. The school’s administrators have said the planned $2,500 tuition increase would be used to give teachers a choice next year of a $3,000 raise or health insurance.
                One parent of a former student complained that with only 18 teachers, the proposed raises would account for just $54,000 of the additional $150,000 the tuition increase should generate. Tammy Jackson said when she accused school officials of planning to pocket the difference and threatened to complain, her son was expelled.
                “I said, ‘I’m getting ready to call the Department of Education, because this has got to be illegal,’” Jackson said she told a teacher after learning of the tuition increase at a Dec. 4 meeting at the school. “I said something to the wrong person.”
                The letter of expulsion for Jackson’s son said he was being expelled because of excessive absences, but Jackson said he had been absent more often the previous year and had not been expelled then. She also said his absences were due to her chronic illness