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Baseball America Top 100 - 2001.... DOOOOOH!!

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  • Baseball America Top 100 - 2001.... DOOOOOH!!

    AMAZING how many of these guys ended up being really good ballplayers.
    And you just gotta love our 39th pick....

    From Derrick Goold:

    Speaking of Baseball America: Colleague Joe Strauss – yes, the famous one; no, not the Austrian composer – asked me recently to take an audit of some of the recent prospect lists. Specifically we looked at 2001, the list that would have featured Albert Pujols before his record-setting rookie year. Check out the names and the rankings on that stacked Top 100 (players in italics have been or are Cardinals):
    1. Josh Hamilton, of, Devil Rays — Set to breakout, now with Texas.
    2. Corey Patterson, of, Cubs
    3. Josh Beckett, rhp, Marlins — Finished second in Cy Young.
    4. Jon Rauch, rhp, White Sox
    5. Ben Sheets, rhp, Brewers — One of the finest arms, when healthy.
    6. Sean Burroughs, 3b, Padres
    7. C.C. Sabathia, lhp, Indians — Beat Beckett to Cy Young.
    8. Ryan Anderson, lhp, Mariners
    9. Ichiro Suzuki, of, Mariners — The world’s all-time hit king?
    10. Nick Johnson, 1b, Yankees
    11. Carlos Pena, 1b, Rangers — Slugging first baseman for Tampa Bay.
    12. Vernon Wells, of, Blue Jays
    13. Roy Oswalt, rhp, Astros

    22. Hee Seop Choi, 1b, Cubs — Was it his shoulder that ignited the feud?
    24. Austin Kearns, of, Reds
    27. Alfonso Soriano, ss, Yankees — Still has 40-40 potential? 30-30?

    30. Kurt Ainsworth, rhp, Giants – Got to hold his Gold Medal in 2000.
    31. Jimmy Rollins, ss, Phillies — Talked his way into an MVP last year.

    33. Adam Dunn, of, Reds — My bet for Strauss’ pick in writers’ HR pool.
    35. Brad Wilkerson, of, Expos
    36. Joe Crede, 3b, White Sox
    38. Jack Cust, of/1b, Diamondbacks — Blossomed as Oakland’s DH.
    39. Bud Smith, lhp, Cardinals
    40. Jacob Peavy, rhp, Padres — 40th? Seriously? Triple-crown pitcher.
    42. Albert Pujols, 3b, Cardinals — Ditto. Save “hitter” for “pitcher”.
    43. Aubrey Huff, 3b, Devil Rays
    46. D’Angelo Jimenez, ss, Yankees
    47. Brett Myers, rhp, Phillies

    54. Marcus Giles, 2b, Braves
    55. Michael Cuddyer, 3b, Twins
    56. Kevin Mench, of, Rangers

    62. Alex Cintron, ss, Diamondbacks — If not Choi, was this culprit?
    67. Brandon Inge, c, Tigers
    68. Carlos Zambrano, rhp, Cubs — Still finding stars, even this far down

    71. Francisco Rodriguez, rhp, Angels
    72. Carl Crawford, of, Devil Rays — Quite a tandem to locate in the 70s.

    75. Abraham Nunez, of, Marlins — Not the Cardinals former 3B.

    80. Joel Pineiro, rhp, Mariners
    81. Ryan Ludwick, of, Athletics
    82. Xavier Nady, 3b, Padres

    88. Danys Baez, rhp, Indians
    89. Adrian Gonzalez, 1b, Marlins — Underrated for the Padres.

    91. Miguel Cabrera, ss, Marlins — Richest man on the list, and next is …
    92. Jason Marquis, rhp, Braves

    97. Adam Wainwright, rhp, Braves
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    Very interesting list......notice how far ahead Nick Johnson is over Pujols......LOL...

    A shitload of talent there......I would like to see the Top 100 lists since then.....
    TP sponsor of Everton FC, Colorado Rapids, #5 Barrett Jackman, #2 Luke Schenn, #85 Greg Jennings, #25 Jim Thome, #19 Carl Gettis, #16 Greg Biffle, #31 Mark Hamilton, and the Wisconsin Badgers


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      There was a time when D'Angelo Jiminez was supposed to be a big deal.
      Official sponsor of the St. Louis Cardinals

      "This is a heavyweight bout indeed."--John Rooney, Oct. 27, 2011


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        for kmeyer:

        1. Daisuke Matsuzaka, rhp, Red Sox
        2. Alex Gordon, 3b, Royals
        3. Delmon Young, of, Devil
        4. Philip Hughes, rhp, Yankees
        5. Homer Bailey, rhp, Reds
        6. Cameron Maybin, of, Tigers
        7. Evan Longoria, 3b, Devil Rays
        8. Brandon Wood, ss, Angels
        9. Justin Upton, of, Diamondbacks
        10. Andrew Miller, lhp, Tigers
        11. Tim Lincecum, rhp, Giants
        12. Chris Young, of, Diamondbacks
        13. Andrew McCutchen, of, Pirates
        14. Jay Bruce, of, Reds
        15. Troy Tulowitzki, ss, Rockies
        16. Yovani Gallardo, rhp, Brewers
        17. Reid Brignac, ss, Devil Rays
        18. Carlos Gonzalez, of, Diamondbacks
        19. Andy LaRoche, 3b, Dodgers
        20. Mike Pelfrey, rhp, Mets
        21. Matt Garza, rhp, Twins
        22. Fernando Martinez, of, Mets
        23. Adam Miller, rhp, Indians
        24. Clayton Kershaw, lhp, Dodgers
        25. Billy Butler, of, Royals
        26. Ryan Braun, 3b, Brewers
        27. Jose Tabata, of, Yankees
        28. Adam Jones, of, Mariners
        29. Colby Rasmus, of, Cardinals
        30. Franklin Morales, lhp, Rockies
        31. Scott Elbert, lhp, Dodgers
        32. Luke Hochevar, rhp, Royals
        33. Jacoby Ellsbury, of, Red Sox
        34. Nick Adenhart, rhp, Angels
        35. Jeff Niemann, rhp, Devil Rays
        36. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, c, Braves
        37. Jacob Mcgee, lhp, Devil Rays
        38. Hunter Pence, of, Astros
        39. Adam Lind, of, Blue Jays
        40. Chris Volstad, rhp, Marlins
        41. Carlos Carrasco, rhp, Phillies
        42. Jason Hirsh, rhp, Rockies
        43. Joey Votto, 1b, Reds
        44. James Loney, 1b, Dodgers
        45. Josh Fields, 3b, White Sox
        46. Ian Stewart, 3b, Rockies
        47. Bill Rowell, 3b, Orioles
        48. Dexter Fowler, of, Rockies
        49. Felix Pie, of, Cubs
        50. Travis Buck, of, Athletics
        51. Clay Buchholz, rhp, Red Sox
        52. Donald Veal, lhp, Cubs
        53. Travis Snider, of, Blue Jays
        54. Chuck Lofgren, lhp, Indians
        55. Ryan Sweeney, of, White Sox
        56. John Danks, lhp, White Sox
        57. Humberto Sanchez, rhp, Yankees
        58. Troy Patton, lhp, Astros
        59. Jonathan Sanchez, lhp, Giants
        60. Carlos Gomez, of, Mets
        61. Erick Aybar, ss, Angels
        62. Jeff Clement, c, Mariners
        63. Miguel Montero, c, Diamondbacks
        64. Trevor Crowe, of, Indians
        65. Elvis Andrus, ss, Braves
        66. Glen Perkins, lhp, Twins
        67. Daric Barton, 1b, Athletics
        68. Eric Hurley, rhp, Rangers
        69. Brad Lincoln, rhp, Pirates
        70. Jaime Garcia, lhp, Cardinals
        71. Kevin Slowey, rhp, Twins
        72. Gio Gonzalez, lhp, White Sox
        73. Philip Humber, rhp, Mets
        74. Neil Walker, 3b, Pirates
        75. Joba Chamberlain, rhp, Yankees
        76. Greg Reynolds, rhp, Rockies
        77. Brett Sinkbeil, rhp, Marlins
        78. Brandon Erbe, rhp, Orioles
        79. Elijah Dukes, of, Devil Rays
        80. Jeff Samardzija, rhp, Cubs
        81. Daniel Bard, rhp, Red Sox
        82. Alberto Callaspo, 2b, Diamondbacks
        83. Michael Bowden, rhp, Red Sox
        84. Ubaldo Jimenez, rhp, Rockies
        85. Matt Albers, rhp, Astros
        86. Brian Barton, of, Indians
        87. Brandon Morrow, rhp, Mariners
        88. Drew Stubbs, of, Reds
        89. Kurt Suzuki, c, Athletics
        90. Matt Harrison, lhp, Braves
        91. Will Inman, rhp, Brewers
        92. Chris Iannetta, c, Rockies
        93. Brent Lillibridge, ss, Braves
        94. Chris Parmelee, of/1b, Twins
        95. Collin Balester, rhp, Nationals
        96. Sean West, lhp, Marlins
        97. Wade Davis, rhp, Devil Rays
        98. Micah Owings, rhp, Diamondbacks
        99. Pedro Beato, rhp, Orioles
        100. Dellin Betances, rhp, Yankees
        1. Delmon Young, of, Devil Rays
        2. Justin Upton, ss, Diamondbacks
        3. Brandon Wood, ss, Angels
        4. Jeremy Hermida, of, Marlins
        5. Stephen Drew, ss, Diamondbacks
        6. Francisco Liriano, lhp, Twins
        7. Chad Billingsley, rhp, Dodgers
        8. Justin Verlander, rhp, Tigers
        9. Lastings Milledge, of, Mets
        10. Matt Cain, rhp, Giants
        11. Prince Fielder, 1b, Brewers
        12. Howie Kendrick, 2b, Angels
        13. Alex Gordon, 3b, Royals
        14. Andy Marte, 3b, Indians
        15. Ryan Zimmerman, 3b, Nationals
        16. Ian Stewart, 3b, Rockies
        17. Conor Jackson, 1b, Diamondbacks
        18. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, c, Braves
        19. Andy LaRoche, 3b, Dodgers
        20. Carlos Quentin, of, Diamondbacks
        21. Nick Markakis, of, Orioles
        22. Jon Lester, lhp, Red Sox
        23. Chris Young, of, Diamondbacks
        24. Bobby Jenks, rhp, White Sox
        25. Troy Tulowitzki, ss, Rockies
        26. Joel Guzman, ss/3b, Dodgers
        27. Felix Pie, of, Cubs
        28. Daric Barton, 1b, Athletics
        29. Billy Butler, of, Royals
        30. Hanley Ramirez, ss, Marlins
        31. Cameron Maybin, of, Tigers
        32. Carlos Gonzales, of, Diamondbacks
        33. Jeff Clement, c, Mariners
        34. Scott Olsen, lhp, Marlins
        35. Joel Zumaya, rhp, Tigers
        36. Mike Pelfrey, rhp, Mets
        37. Jonathan Papelbon, rhp, Red Sox
        38. Homer Bailey, rhp, Reds
        39. Philip Hughes, rhp, Yankees
        40. Anibal Sanchez, rhp, Marlins
        41. Anthony Reyes, rhp, Cardinals
        42. Russell Martin, c, Dodgers
        43. Neil Walker, c, Pirates
        44. Mark Rogers, rhp, Brewers
        45. Adam Loewen, lhp, Orioles
        46. Erick Aybar, ss, Angels
        47. Adam Miller, rhp, Indians
        48. Dustin McGowan, rhp, Blue Jays
        49. Ryan Braun, 3b, Brewers
        50. Andrew McCutchen, of, Pirates
        51. Brian Anderson, of, White Sox
        52. Jason Hirsh, rhp, Astros
        53. Jeremy Sowers, lhp, Indians
        54. Craig Hansen, rhp, Red Sox
        55. Scott Elbert, lhp, Dodgers
        56. Edison Volquez, rhp, Rangers
        57. Jered Weaver, rhp, Angels
        58. Jason Kubel, of, Twins
        59. John Danks, lhp, Rangers
        60. Jeff Mathis, c, Angels
        61. Elvis Andrus, ss, Braves
        62. Troy Patton, lhp, Astros
        63. Jonathan Broxton, rhp, Dodgers
        64. Adam Jones, of/ss, Mariners
        65. Marcus Sanders, ss/2b, Giants
        66. Kenji Johjima, c, Mariners
        67. Dustin Nippert, rhp, Diamondbacks
        68. Cole Hamels, lhp, Phillies
        69. Yusmeiro Petit, rhp, Marlins
        70. Jeff Niemann, rhp, Devil Rays
        71. Brad Snyder, of, Indians
        72. Thomas Diamond, rhp, Rangers
        73. Gio Gonzalez, lhp, Phillies
        74. Javier Herrera, of, Athletics
        75. Matt Moses, 3b, Twins
        76. Jay Bruce, of, Reds
        77. Dustin Pedroia, 2b/ss, Red Sox
        78. Kendry Morales, 1b, Angels
        79. Jason Hammel, rhp, Devil Rays
        80. Josh Johnson, rhp, Marlins
        81. Hayden Penn, rhp, Orioles
        82. Blake DeWitt, 3b, Dodgers
        83. Cliff Pennington, ss, Athletics
        84. Justin Huber, 1b, Royals
        85. Mark Pawelek, lhp, Cubs
        86. Eric Duncan, 3b/1b, Yankees
        87. Ricky Romero, lhp, Blue Jays
        88. Cesar Carrillo, rhp, Padres
        89. Andre Ethier, of, Dodgers
        90. Nick Adenhart, rhp, Angels
        91. Glen Perkins, lhp, Twins
        92. Ryan Sweeney, of, White Sox
        93. Anthony Lerew, rhp, Braves
        94. Ronny Cedeno, ss, Cubs
        95. Tom Gorzelanny, lhp, Pirates
        96. Matt Kemp, of, Dodgers
        97. Chris Volstad, rhp, Marlins
        98. Chuck James, lhp, Braves
        99. Nolan Reimold, of, Orioles
        100. Anthony Swarzak, rhp, Twins
        1. Joe Mauer, c, Twins
        2. Felix Hernandez, rhp, Mariners
        3. Delmon Young, of, Devil Rays
        4. Ian Stewart, 3b, Rockies
        5. Joel Guzman, ss, Dodgers
        6. Casey Kotchman, 1b, Angels
        7. Scott Kazmir, lhp, Devil Rays
        8. Rickie Weeks, 2b, Brewers
        9. Andy Marte, 3b, Braves
        10. Hanley Ramirez, ss, Red Sox
        11. Lastings Milledge, of, Mets
        12. Dallas McPherson, 3b, Angels
        13. Matt Cain, rhp, Giants
        14. Jeff Francoeur, of, Braves
        15. Prince Fielder, 1b, Brewers
        16. Adam Miller, rhp, Indians
        17. Jason Kubel, of, Twins
        18. Jeremy Hermida, of, Marlins
        19. Chad Billingsley, rhp, Dodgers
        20. Jeff Niemann, rhp, Devil Rays
        21. Brian Dopirak, 1b, Cubs
        22. Carlos Quentin, of, Diamondbacks
        23. Jeff Francis, lhp, Rockies
        24. Nick Swisher, of, Athletics
        25. Jose Capellan, rhp, Brewers
        26. Chris Nelson, ss, Rockies
        27. Ryan Howard, 1b, Phillies
        28. J.J. Hardy, ss, Brewers
        29. Mike Hinckley, lhp, Nationals
        30. Edwin Jackson, rhp, Dodgers
        31. Felix Pie, of, Cubs
        32. Daric Barton, 1b/c, Athletics
        33. Jeremy Reed, of, Mariners
        34. Zach Duke, lhp, Pirates
        35. Gavin Floyd, rhp, Phillies
        36. Eric Duncan, 3b, Yankees
        37. Brian Anderson, of, White Sox
        38. Scott Olsen, lhp, Marlins
        39. Erick Aybar, ss, Angels
        40. Conor Jackson, of, Diamondbacks
        41. Michael Aubrey, 1b, Indians
        42. Ryan Sweeney, of, White Sox
        43. Dan Meyer, lhp, Athletics
        44. Brian McCann, c, Braves
        45. Josh Barfield, 2b, Padres
        46. Yusmeiro Petit, rhp, Mets
        47. Anthony Reyes, rhp, Cardinals
        48. Homer Bailey, rhp, Reds
        49. Brandon McCarthy, rhp, White Sox
        50. Philip Humber, rhp, Mets
        51. Shin-Soo Choo, of, Mariners
        52. Thomas Diamond, rhp, Rangers
        53. Kyle Davies, rhp, Braves
        54. Franklin Gutierrez, of, Indians
        55. Mark Rogers, rhp, Brewers
        56. Edwin Encarnacion, 3b, Reds
        57. Curtis Granderson, of, Tigers
        58. Merkin Valdez, rhp, Giants
        59. John Danks, lhp, Rangers
        60. Chris Burke, 2b, Astros
        61. Sergio Santos, ss, Diamondbacks
        62. James Loney, 1b, Dodgers
        63. Jesse Crain, rhp, Twins
        64. Aaron Hill, ss, Blue Jays
        65. Nick Markakis, of, Orioles
        66. Ryan Harvey, of, Cubs
        67. Jeff Mathis, c, Angels
        68. Javier Herrera, of, Athletics
        69. Brandon League, rhp, Blue Jays
        70. J.D. Durbin, rhp, Twins
        71. Cole Hamels, lhp, Phillies
        72. Brandon Moss, of, Red Sox
        73. Clint Nageotte, rhp, Mariners
        74. Andy LaRoche, 3b, Dodgers
        75. Billy Butler, 3b, Royals
        76. Kendry Morales, of, Angels
        77. Joaquin Arias, ss, Rangers
        78. Fred Lewis, of, Giants
        79. Guillermo Quiroz, c, Blue Jays
        80. Ezequiel Astacio, rhp, Astros
        81. Neil Walker, c, Pirates
        82. Ubaldo Jimenez, rhp, Rockies
        83. Brandon Wood, ss, Angels
        84. Brad Snyder, of, Indians
        85. Mark Teahen, 3b, Royals
        86. Kyle Sleeth, rhp, Tigers
        87. Joey Gathright, of, Devil Rays
        88. Angel Guzman, rhp, Cubs
        89. Russell Martin, c, Dodgers
        90. Jeremy Sowers, lhp, Indians
        91. Jon Papelbon, rhp, Red Sox
        92. Jake Stevens, lhp, Braves
        93. Richie Gardner, rhp, Reds
        94. Hayden Penn, rhp, Orioles
        95. Josh Fields, 3b, White Sox
        96. Tadahito Iguchi, 2b, White Sox
        97. Huston Street, rhp, Athletics
        98. Ian Kinsler, ss, Rangers
        99. Anthony Lerew, rhp, Braves
        100. Greg Miller, lhp, Dodgers
        1. Joe Mauer c, Twins
        2. B.J. Upton ss, Devil Rays
        3. Delmon Young of, Devil Rays
        4. Edwin Jackson rhp, Dodgers
        5. Rickie Weeks 2b, Brewers
        6. Alexis Rios of, Blue Jays
        7. Kazuo Matsui ss, Mets
        8. Greg Miller lhp, Dodgers
        9. Grady Sizemore of, Indians
        10. Prince Fielder 1b, Brewers
        11. Andy Marte 3b, Braves
        12. Scott Kazmir lhp, Mets
        13. Adam Loewen lhp, Orioles
        14. Zack Greinke rhp, Royals
        15. Casey Kotchman 1b, Angels
        16. Justin Morneau 1b, Twins
        17. Cole Hamels lhp, Phillies
        18. Dustin McGowan rhp, Blue Jays
        19. J.J. Hardy ss, Brewers
        20. Josh Barfield 2b, Padres
        21. David Wright 3b, Mets
        22. Jeff Mathis c, Angels
        23. Gavin Floyd rhp, Phillies
        24. Chin-Hui Tsao rhp, Rockies
        25. Jeremy Reed of, White Sox
        26. Angel Guzman rhp, Cubs
        27. Jeff Francoeur of, Braves
        28. Jeremy Hermida of, Marlins
        29. Ervin Santana rhp, Angels
        30. Felix Hernandez rhp, Mariners
        31. Franklin Gutierrez of, Dodgers
        32. Bobby Crosby ss, Athletics
        33. Dallas McPherson 3b, Angels
        34. Scott Hairston 2b, Diamondbacks
        35. Guillermo Quiroz c, Blue Jays
        36. Kyle Sleeth rhp, Tigers
        37. Sergio Santos ss, Diamondbacks
        38. John VanBenschoten rhp, Pirates
        39. Hanley Ramirez ss, Red Sox
        40. Merkin Valdez rhp, Giants
        41. Dioner Navarro c, Yankees
        42. James Loney 1b, Dodgers
        43. Joe Blanton rhp, Athletics
        44. Jeff Allison rhp, Marlins
        45. Clint Nageotte rhp, Mariners
        46. Ryan Wagner rhp, Reds
        47. Blake Hawksworth rhp, Cardinals
        48. Brad Nelson of/1b, Brewers
        49. Adam Wainwright rhp, Cardinals
        50. Taylor Buchholz rhp, Astros
        51. Jason Stokes 1b, Marlins
        52. Adrian Gonzalez 1b, Rangers
        53. Jeremy Guthrie rhp, Indians
        54. John Maine rhp, Orioles
        55. Kris Honel rhp, White Sox
        56. Justin Jones lhp, Cubs
        57. Ian Stewart 3b, Rockies
        58. Clint Everts rhp, Expos
        59. Denny Bautista rhp, Orioles
        60. Mike Hinckley lhp, Expos
        61. Khalil Greene ss, Padres
        62. Bobby Jenks rhp, Angels
        63. Travis Blackley lhp, Mariners
        64. Sean Burnett lhp, Pirates
        65. Ryan Harvey of, Cubs
        66. J.D. Durbin rhp, Twins
        67. Scott Olsen lhp, Marlins
        68. Chris Lubanski of, Royals
        69. Manny Parra lhp, Brewers
        70. Jose Lopez ss/2b, Mariners
        71. Alberto Callaspo 2b, Angels
        72. Gabe Gross of, Blue Jays
        73. Adam LaRoche 1b, Braves
        74. Jason Bay of, Pirates
        75. Bubba Nelson rhp, Braves
        76. Fausto Carmona rhp, Indians
        77. Andy Sisco lhp, Cubs
        78. Kelly Shoppach c, Red Sox
        79. Michael Aubrey 1b, Indians
        80. John Danks lhp, Rangers
        81. Matt Moses 3b, Twins
        82. Dan Meyer lhp, Braves
        83. Dustin Nippert rhp, Diamondbacks
        84. Mike Jones rhp, Brewers
        85. Felix Pie of, Cubs
        86. Lastings Milledge of, Mets
        87. Francisco Rosario rhp, Blue Jays
        88. Matt Peterson rhp, Mets
        89. Jesse Crain rhp, Twins
        90. Nick Markakis of, Orioles
        91. Matt Cain rhp, Giants
        92. Bobby Brownlie rhp, Cubs
        93. Jeff Francis lhp, Rockies
        94. Jayson Nix 2b, Rockies
        95. Joey Gathright of, Devil Rays
        96. Aaron Hill ss, Blue Jays
        97. Bryan Bullington rhp, Pirates
        98. Brent Clevlen of, Tigers
        99. Jake Dittler rhp, Indians
        100. Jason Lane of, Astros
        1. Mark Teixeira, 3b, Rangers
        2. Rocco Baldelli, of, Devil Rays
        3. Jose Reyes, ss, Mets
        4. Joe Mauer, c, Twins
        5. Jesse Foppert, rhp, Giants
        6. Jose Contreras, rhp, Yankees
        7. Brandon Phillips, 2b/ss, Indians
        8. Hideki Matsui, of, Yankees
        9. Gavin Floyd, rhp, Phillies
        10. Francisco Rodriguez, rhp, Angels
        11. Scott Kazmir, lhp, Mets
        12. Miguel Cabrera, 3b, Marlins
        13. Casey Kotchman, 1b, Angels
        14. Justin Morneau, 1b, Twins
        15. Jason Stokes, 1b, Marlins
        16. Victor Martinez, c, Indians
        17. Michael Cuddyer, of, Twins
        18. Adam Wainwright, rhp, Braves
        19. Hanley Ramirez, ss, Red Sox
        20. Jeremy Bonderman, rhp, Tigers
        21. B.J. Upton, ss, Devil Rays
        22. Hee Seop Choi, 1b, Cubs
        23. Brad Nelson, 1b, Brewers
        24. John VanBenschoten, rhp, Pirates
        25. Sean Burnett, lhp, Pirates
        26. Scott Hairston, 2b, Diamondbacks
        27. Rafael Soriano, rhp, Mariners
        28. Joe Borchard, of, White Sox
        29. Rich Harden, rhp, Athletics
        30. Cliff Lee, lhp, Indians
        31. Adrian Gonzalez, 1b, Marlins
        32. Colby Lewis, rhp, Rangers
        33. Josh Hamilton, of, Devil Rays
        34. James Loney, 1b, Dodgers
        35. Jonathan Figueroa, lhp, Dodgers
        36. Dustin McGowan, rhp, Blue Jays
        37. Michael Restovich, of, Twins
        38. Jose Lopez, ss, Mariners
        39. Chris Snelling, of, Mariners
        40. Andy Marte, 3b, Braves
        41. Aaron Cook, rhp, Rockies
        42. Franklyn German, rhp, Tigers
        43. Dontrelle Willis, lhp, Marlins
        44. Xavier Nady, of, Padres
        45. Aaron Heilman, rhp, Mets
        46. Travis Hafner, 1b, Indians
        47. Angel Guzman, rhp, Cubs
        48. Jeff Mathis, c, Angels
        49. Wilson Betemit, 3b, Braves
        50. Jerome Williams, rhp, Giants
        51. Johan Santana, rhp, Angels
        52. Bryan Bullington, rhp, Pirates
        53. Andy Sisco, lhp, Cubs
        54. Zack Greinke, rhp, Royals
        55. Juan Rivera, of, Yankees
        56. Mike Jones, rhp, Brewers
        57. Khalil Greene, ss, Padres
        58. Bubba Nelson, rhp, Braves
        59. Mike Gosling, lhp, Diamondbacks
        60. Bobby Jenks, rhp, Angels
        61. Shin-Soo Choo, of, Mariners
        62. Clint Everts, rhp, Expos
        63. Marlon Byrd, of, Phillies
        64. Kurt Ainsworth, rhp, Giants
        65. Lyle Overbay, 1b, Diamondbacks
        66. Justin Huber, c, Mets
        67. John Buck, c, Astros
        68. Macay McBride, lhp, Braves
        69. Bobby Basham, rhp, Reds
        70. Jeremy Guthrie, rhp, Indians
        71. Josh Karp, rhp, Expos
        72. Felix Pie, of, Cubs
        73. Kris Honel, rhp, White Sox
        74. Dewon Brazelton, rhp, Devil Rays
        75. David Wright, 3b, Mets
        76. Clint Nageotte, rhp, Mariners
        77. Chris Gruler, rhp, Reds
        78. Prince Fielder, 1b, Brewers
        79. John Patterson, rhp, Diamondbacks
        80. Ben Kozlowski, lhp, Rangers
        81. Chase Utley, 3b/2b, Phillies
        82. Todd Linden, of, Giants
        83. Francisco Liriano, lhp, Giants
        84. Mark Phillips, lhp, Padres
        85. Laynce Nix, of, Rangers
        86. Jose Castillo, ss, Pirates
        87. Wily Mo Pena, of, Reds
        88. Taylor Buchholz, rhp, Phillies
        89. Donald Levinski, rhp, Marlins
        90. Ben Hendrickson, rhp, Brewers
        91. Corey Hart, 3b/1b, Brewers
        92. Jon Rauch, rhp, White Sox
        93. Chin-Hui Tsao, rhp, Rockies
        94. Jayson Werth, of/c, Blue Jays
        95. Jeff Francoeur, of, Braves
        96. Mike Hinckley, lhp, Expos
        97. Jason Arnold, rhp, Blue Jays
        98. Seth McClung, rhp, Devil Rays
        99. Edwin Jackson, rhp, Dodgers
        100. Nic Jackson, of, Cubs
        1. Josh Beckett, rhp, Marlins
        2. Mark Prior, rhp, Cubs
        3. Hank Blalock, 3b, Rangers
        4. Sean Burroughs, 3b, Padres
        5. Carlos Pena, 1b, Athletics
        6. Juan Cruz, rhp, Cubs
        7. Joe Mauer, c, Twins
        8. Wilson Betemit, ss, Braves
        9. Drew Henson, 3b, Yankees
        10. Mark Teixeira, 3b, Rangers
        11. Austin Kearns, of, Reds
        12. Joe Borchard, of, White Sox
        13. Nick Johnson, 1b, Yankees
        14. Ryan Anderson, lhp, Mariners
        15. Angel Berroa, ss, Royals
        16. Dennis Tankersley, rhp, Padres
        17. Nick Neugebauer, rhp, Brewers
        18. Josh Hamilton, of, Devil Rays
        19. Jerome Williams, rhp, Giants
        20. Brandon Phillips, ss, Expos
        21. Justin Morneau, 1b, Twins
        22. Casey Kotchman, 1b, Angels
        23. Jon Rauch, rhp, White Sox
        24. Carlos Hernandez, lhp, Astros
        25. Ty Howington, lhp, Reds
        26. Marlon Byrd, of, Phillies
        27. Michael Cuddyer, 3b/of, Twins
        28. Jake Peavy, rhp, Padres
        29. Boof Bonser, rhp, Giants
        30. Rafael Soriano, rhp, Mariners
        31. Adrian Gonzalez, 1b, Marlins
        32. Corwin Malone, lhp, White Sox
        33. Brett Myers, rhp, Phillies
        34. Jose Reyes, ss, Mets
        35. Kazuhisa Ishii, lhp, Dodgers
        36. Josh Phelps, c, Blue Jays
        37. Brandon Claussen, lhp, Yankees
        38. Miguel Cabrera, ss, Marlins
        39. Xavier Nady, 1b, Padres
        40. Hee Seop Choi, 1b, Cubs
        41. J.R. House, c, Pirates
        42. Adam Wainwright, rhp, Braves
        43. John Buck, c, Astros
        44. Jimmy Journell, rhp, Cardinals
        45. David Kelton, 3b, Cubs
        46. Chris Snelling, of, Mariners
        47. Kelly Johnson, ss, Braves
        48. Bobby Hill, 2b, Cubs
        49. Mario Ramos, lhp, Rangers
        50. Jimmy Gobble, lhp, Royals
        51. Chris Burke, ss, Astros
        52. Antonio Perez, ss, Mariners
        53. Jason Lane, of, Astros
        54. Mark Phillips, lhp, Padres
        55. Nate Cornejo, rhp, Tigers
        56. Gavin Floyd, rhp, Phillies
        57. Dewon Brazelton, rhp, Devil Rays
        58. Kurt Ainsworth, rhp, Giants
        59. Carl Crawford, of, Devil Rays
        60. Seung Song, rhp, Red Sox
        61. Chin-Hui Tsao, rhp, Rockies
        62. Brad Wilkerson, of, Expos
        63. Mike Restovich, of, Twins
        64. Chin-Feng Chen, of, Dodgers
        65. Wily Mo Pena, of, Reds
        66. Brett Evert, rhp, Braves
        67. Juan Rivera, of, Yankees
        68. Nic Jackson, of, Cubs
        69. Ricardo Rodriguez, rhp, Dodgers
        70. Jayson Werth, c, Blue Jays
        71. Alex Escobar, of, Indians
        72. Clint Nageotte, rhp, Mariners
        73. Corey Smith, 3b, Indians
        74. Bobby Jenks, rhp, Angels
        75. Gabe Gross, of, Blue Jays
        76. John-Ford Griffin, of, Yankees
        77. Jake Gautreau, 2b, Padres
        78. Aaron Heilman, rhp, Mets
        79. Kenny Baugh, rhp, Tigers
        80. Carlos Zambrano, rhp, Cubs
        81. Orlando Hudson, 2b, Blue Jays
        82. Colby Lewis, rhp, Rangers
        83. Tony Torcato, of, Giants
        84. Mike Jones, rhp, Brewers
        85. Adam Johnson, rhp, Twins
        86. Chris Narveson, lhp, Cardinals
        87. Denny Bautista, rhp, Marlins
        88. J.D. Martin, rhp, Indians
        89. Jon VanBenschoten, rhp, Pirates
        90. Erik Bedard, lhp, Orioles
        91. Eric Byrnes, of, Athletics
        92. Ramon Vazquez, ss, Padres
        93. Tony Blanco, 3b, Red Sox
        94. Joe Crede, 3b, White Sox
        95. Omar Infante, ss, Tigers
        96. Matt Belisle, rhp, Braves
        97. Victor Martinez, c, Indians
        98. Dustin McGowan, rhp, Blue Jays
        99. Ryan Dittfurth, rhp, Rangers
        100. Jack Cust, of, Rockies


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          Good stuff...thanks Backstop....
          TP sponsor of Everton FC, Colorado Rapids, #5 Barrett Jackman, #2 Luke Schenn, #85 Greg Jennings, #25 Jim Thome, #19 Carl Gettis, #16 Greg Biffle, #31 Mark Hamilton, and the Wisconsin Badgers


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            poor ole Bud Smith...a no-hitter and then was all gone
            Go Cards ...12 in 13.


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              Ludwick...had no idea he was actually once tauted...