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What the hell? It's snowing!

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  • What the hell? It's snowing!

    It's snowing pretty good here in Lake St. Louis.....has anybody heard a recent forecast?....this weather is crazy....I have been battling sinus issues for over a week now...
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    i was going to post the same thing. fucking crazy, snow on Easter

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      I had heard snow here today, possibly. Aaaand nope, it's gorgeous.


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        it snowed 2-3 inches here yesterday


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          I love it!!!

          I'm dreaming of a white Easter...
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            Originally posted by BlueBrained View Post
            I love it!!!

            I'm dreaming of a white Easter...

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              I loved watching the big flakes....and knowing they weren't going "to stick".

              All is good! (well except I don't think we are going to fish today like we planned on )

              Happy Easter everyone!
              Feb. 08, 2005
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              NSane has already won - because the Sharks are well and truly ef'ed.


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                Hope the Easter Bunny wore his fur coat today.



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                  My mom decided that the way she knew it was easter and not christmas was because the tree wasn't up.
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                    Snowing like crazy here, 41 degrees. Yeah there is nothing wrong with the climate at all. lol
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                      It snowed hard and then completely stopped 3 seperate times here today. The big flakes were awesome.
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