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Incredibly cool band alert.

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  • Incredibly cool band alert.

    Let's try something a little different with this one. Listen to this song first (the song is a-MAZ-ing, so don't sweat it):

    "Radical Chic"

    The song is off the debut album by a Brooklyn band called Hysterics (not "The" Hysterics, just "Hysterics", yo.)

    Sounds pretty great, right?

    Check this: the four members of Hysterics have been together since 2005 when they got 15-year-olds in high school. Two guys in the band got busted for pot and expelled and the band went on hiatus for a couple of years, but now everyone's graduated and has a driver's license, so that makes rehearsing and playing shows (which have to be all-ages affairs since the eldest Hysteric is an august 18 years old) a lot easier to do and to be a fulltime band.

    Oliver Ignatius is the frontman and one of two songwriters in the group. He self-recorded a song at age 15 called "Mostly Untitled", a recording his science teacher heard and put on his music blog. Since then, Hysterics have been building huge amounts of buzz in the music world. Their debut album came out last week, and there isn't a bad song on there; hell, there isn't even an "okay" song on there--the whole thing is just wonderful and self-assured and hooky and charming; in fact, it might be one of the best debut albums I've ever heard.

    Here, have another dose:

    "Mostly Untitled"

    Record is available via the usual suspects, including Emusic for those of you smart enough to subscribe there.
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    Very nice! Especially the first one.
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      Damn Trig this is great. I must hear the rest, will check them out!!

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