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The success of America

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  • The success of America

    America is a land of surprises.

    Oh everyone knew that a woman would be the likely candidate for the Democrats which in itself was a huge surprise. But no one, other than Razzy, would have predicted a Black man would stop that likely and become the likely candidate himself.

    It's pretty hard if you are keeping score. It's sort of like when Ty became coach for Notre Dame - you were shocked he got the job - then you were proud he did well - then you were shocked they fired him.

    Only when you learned that it was Ty who wanted out did it make any sense.

    Obama becoming the number 1 contender shows the promise. The proposed shenanagans show that even when you get a wonderful surprise there are things that make you forget how wonderful it was.

    Hardwork makes success possible. Lets hope it finishes on top.

    The Clinton's strategy make her unfit to run. She didn't compete after super Tuesday. In the states she actually tried to fight in she did okay. But by not fighting she dug herself a big whole.

    If she loses, she will have only herself to blame. Meanwhile, the harder working Obama keeps the fight and pressure on in each state. She isn't wearing him down - he's wearing her down.

    The negative desperation of her adds may have worked in the popular vote - but in the delegate vote - she's still far behind.

    She must now try a bend of rules. Somewhere hope Michigan counts - Somewhere hope Florida counts - somewhere hope she can cut some back deal. Three hopes and a prayer.

    She's not done - but she's ripping the party apart further and further every day.
    Turning the other cheek is better than burying the other body.

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    Hardwork makes success possible. Lets hope it finishes on top.
    Go Cards ...12 in 13.


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      Is this your guilty make-up thread?
      Of course you do.