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Good Samaritan in Starbucks case dies

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  • Good Samaritan in Starbucks case dies

    Per Stltoday
    Good Samaritan in Starbucks case dies
    By Kim Bell
    Wednesday, Mar. 05 2008

    UPDATED, 7:25 a.m.

    CRESTWOOD -- The Good Samaritan who was run over by a car while trying to stop
    thieves from stealing a tip jar from Starbucks died this morning.

    Mary Jo Wich, a spokeswoman for St. Anthony's Medical Center in south St. Louis
    County, said Roger Kreutz died about 2 a.m. today.

    Police are still searching for the young couple who stole the money and ran
    down the 54-year-old Kreutz. It happened about 3 p.m. Monday, in the parking
    lot of the new Crestwood Starbucks at 9590 Watson Road.

    Kreutz' father, Edward Kreutz Sr., confirmed his son's death today.

    Kreutz Sr. had been vacationing in Florida when his son was injured. He
    returned to St. Louis County on Tuesday night to be at the bedside of his son
    in the hospital.

    "I just got to see Roger before he passed away," Kreutz Sr. said this morning,
    as he choked back tears. "His vital signs just collapsed."

    "It's so useless," the father added. "It's insane what these people do."

    A $20,000 reward has been posted -- half by Starbucks and half by an anonymous
    donor. Crestwood has had two teams of detectives on the streets, tracking down

    "All this for a tip jar of 5 dollars and 20 cents!" said William Banmiller, one
    of Roger Kreutz's friends and co-workers. Banmiller is manager of the Holiday
    Inn that the Kreutz family owns.

    Images of the thieves have been all over local television, in the newspaper and
    posted on for more than 24 hours now.

    Banmiller is livid at the two thieves.

    "These jerks are the scum of the earth," Banmiller said today. "Maybe they
    dumped the car in the lake and took the first train to Alaska. But they've got
    to have friends, and somebody's going to talk."

    Anyone with information is asked to call St. Louis CrimeStoppers at
    1-866-371-8477 or Crestwood police at 314-729-4800.

    Kreutz Sr. said the family is making funeral arrangements today at Bopp chapel
    in Kirkwood.

    [email protected] | 314-340-8115
    Hope they catch these people and stick them in jail for a long time

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    I just saw that a bit ago and that is awful. Those kids need to be lynched.
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      Tippy-toe deserved it.



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        Got a phone call from a friend this morning since they knew this guy well.
        Evidently a very nice man.

        Very sad.
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          damn, that sucks


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            Bill Banmiller was my boss...he's a great guy.

            Sorry to hear about this guy, what a waste.....


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              Shouldn't be hard to track down that couple. They show up pretty clearly on the video camera.
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                Stupid, dumb ass punk kids........they will get theirs......
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                  That's nasty business.

                  Who steals a tip jar, anyway? Dignan and Anthony?


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                    Originally posted by FAR52 View Post
                    Shouldn't be hard to track down that couple. They show up pretty clearly on the video camera.
                    they've got a whole city looking for them...I wouldn't be surprised if they turned themselves in at some point.
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                      Kreutz Sr. said the family is making funeral arrangements today at Bopp chapel in Kirkwood.
                      Well at least they're in good hands.
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                        Originally posted by jhanke View Post
                        Hope they catch these people and stick them in jail for a long time
                        Isn't a death resulting from the commission of a crime first degree murder?


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                          petty theft turned into a murder charge.

                          Dumbass kids.
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                            I just hope these "kids" are at least 17. I'd really hate to have this situation go thru the process of determining if the punk ass bitch kids who did this should be certified as adults.
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                              Why in the fuck is there a tip jar out at Starbucks anyway? I have been in a Starbucks once in my life. You don't tip for that kind of service do you?

                              How is that different from McDonalds or Hardee's? You go up to the counter, place an order, they make it for you, you leave. Why the need to ask for a tip?
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