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Hey, dude. Could you play some Lynyrd Skynyrd?

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  • Hey, dude. Could you play some Lynyrd Skynyrd?

    RIP Chris Jones 1971-2009
    You'll never be forgotten.

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    Thanks for that. I love that intro.
    I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.


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      This is the thread that made us assholes.

      a most god awful version of a favorite song.
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      "Sometimes you score, sometimes you don't," Tarasenko said. "You can't score every game. So, at the same time, you need to help your team. You can be a factor. That's what I try to do. I believe it's coming if you just don't think about it".


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        Drummer Artimus Pyle, the only band member who was ambulatory, crawled out of the plane wreckage with several broken ribs, and hiked some distance from the crash site through swampy woods ....

        . Varying accounts have farmer Johnny Mote, who had come to investigate, either firing a warning shot into the air (believing the bedraggled men to be escapees from a nearby penitentiary) or actually shooting Pyle in the shoulder — no report is completely reliable. Pyle claimed in a February 2007 appearance on Howard Stern's Sirius radio program that Mote had shot him; Mote has always denied shooting the drummer. Video of a barechested Pyle at the 1979 Volunteer Jam does not show evidence of a gunshot wound[original research?]. In 1996, Pyle called Mote to thank him for his help after the plane crash.[3]

        I have always thought it was more fun believing the farmer shot him.....I have my doubts. Not as much fun.