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    I'm buying a new 42" plasma TV, and I have a strong preference (based on previous ownership) for Panasonic models. I've narrowed it down to two models, and they differ in only one respect: one of them is "extended native contrast" (30,000:1 as opposed to 20,000:1), and the price difference is $200. Does anybody know whether this is worth it? You can't really tell in these busted showrooms with their bad lighting, and in any case these sets are not yet available in the local outlets - I'm going to have to either wait a few months or order online. Here they are:

    Anybody know anything about this feature? Also, I'm not welded to either one yet - if you've got a really excellent true 1080p 42" TV to recommend, I'll listen. Very few come in 42" plasma; I might look at 46", but not anything smaller than 40" or larger than 50".

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    Here is the TV for you Sharkie.


    120Hz technology reduce motion blur for crisp, precise picture quality during fast action sequences
    Right now I believe Samsung and Sony are the only ones with the 120Hz thingie and it looks damn good.
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      Originally posted by madyaks View Post
      Here is the TV for you Sharkie.


      Right now I believe Samsung and Sony are the only ones with the 120Hz thingie and it looks damn good.

      refresh rate is not an issue with plasma. If he was looking at LCDs, then your suggestion would be a good one.

      Basically the only differences between the sets is the native contrast ration and the inclusion of a 15-pin VGA port. (not a big deal since both have 3 HDMI, which can easily be converted to from DVI)

      I would spend the extra dough and get the one that has 50% better contrast...but that's just me. I have having regrets when it comes to expensive electronics.
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