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It's official: Zach Thomas signs with.....

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  • It's official: Zach Thomas signs with.....

    no, not the Patriots, but the Cowboys.

    The Zach Thomas sweepstakes are over.

    The seven-time Pro Bowl linebacker, who was released by the Dolphins last week, has agreed to a deal with the Dallas Cowboys. Thomas flew to Indianapolis on Friday to meet with owner Jerry Jones and president Stephen Jones, who were there for the NFL combine.

    The move is somewhat shocking in that, at one point, Thomas had considered canceling his meeting with the Cowboys after meeting earlier this week with the Patriots and Saints.
    Thomas remains in Indianapolis with his new employers and could take a physical as early as Saturday. Thomas' family members are lifelong Cowboys fans, and that may have played a part in the decision

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    Romo promised him a BJ from Jessica?


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      Best thing the Dolphins have had in a long time, I hate my own team.
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        I have not watched the Phins play in a couple years probably. Does he have anything left in the tank?
        Go Cards ...12 in 13.


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          Originally posted by TTB View Post
          I have not watched the Phins play in a couple years probably. Does he have anything left in the tank?
          Well, I've always thought he was overrated...he wasn't all that fast to begin with, and he's gotten even slower...if he's healthy, he might still be OK in one of the middle spots in a 3-4 on running downs...
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            If the Patriots wanted him he couldn't be anything but great. They never make personnel mistakes...right??
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              Rumor in Dallas is that the Patriots bailed because they didn't have any tape of him going through walkthroughs...
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