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GDT: Davidson v. Winthrop, espn 2 6 pm.

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  • GDT: Davidson v. Winthrop, espn 2 6 pm.

    Do you know what pride I take in being able to start a game day thread with my alma mater? Compare the notable students to attend both schools below. We lose by a mile.

    Dormant series reawakens tonight


    Davidson star guard Stephen Curry was in preschool the last time his school played Winthrop.

    The two schools are only 45 miles apart, but the teams haven't met since 1992.

    That changes today in Rock Hill (7 p.m., ESPN2). The only reason the teams are playing (along with a required sequel at Davidson next season) is because ESPN created the matchup three weeks ago in its BracketBuster series.

    Why haven't the two schools faced off long before now?

    "There are a number of factors," Davidson coach Bob McKillop said. "We've debated where to start the series, when to start the series. ... Winthrop and Davidson have both played a number of high-profile opponents. We aren't going to pass up a chance to play UCLA or Duke or North Carolina."

    The series has been dormant, but tonight's game might spark a deeper rivalry. Less than 1,000 tickets remain for tonight, and Winthrop ticket manager Lauren Birnie said she expected the game to sell out. Message boards of the teams have been buzzing about the game since it was announced.

    Curry said he could sense the anticipation but was trying to distance himself from it. "I know people are excited, but I don't read the message boards," he said. "That can put too many thoughts in your head. You have to stay focused on the game and not everything else."

    McKillop said the most compelling reason to sustain the series would be the way the teams are playing now, not just the proximity. Both programs are considered top-shelf among schools of their approximate size nationwide.

    Winthrop has made the NCAA tournament seven times in the past 10 years; Davidson has done it four times. Davidson (20-6) has a 16-game winning streak, and it was 29-5 last season. The Wildcats also have Curry -- one of the country's best players -- but the sophomore almost didn't choose Davidson.

    "Winthrop was the other school I considered," he said. "I really liked their coach and their program, and it was just as close to the south from my house as Davidson was north."

    The Eagles might have missed out on that opportunity, but they'll get another chance to beat out the Wildcats tonight in front of a national audience. Winthrop (18-9) has won four straight to get back to the top of the Big South.

    Defense has been the catalyst. The Eagles hold opponents to 40 percent shooting and 59 points a game. Davidson counters that with an offense that averages 80 points, led by Curry, whose 26 points a game leads the Southern Conference.

    It's a contrast that has drawn attention, but no one is certain if that will lead to a long-term series. Winthrop coach Randy Peele has said he was optimistic about scheduling more games with Davidson, and McKillop wouldn't rule that out.

    "Any time you can play a consistent winner, that's a good thing," McKillop said. "We just have to make all the components come together." Davidson at Winthrop

    Today: 7 p.m., TV: ESPN2


    Students: 1,700
    NCAA tournament appearances since 1998: 4
    Current RPI: 53
    Notable student: Woodrow Wilson
    Did you know? Was an all-male school until 1973; students must sign an Honor Code pledging not to cheat, steal or lie about college business such as academics.


    Students: 6,300
    NCAA tournament appearances since 1998: 7
    Current RPI: 106
    Notable student: Andie MacDowell Did you know? Was an all-female school until 1974; has a world-class disc golf course on campus.
    June 9, 1973 - The day athletic perfection was defined.

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    Didn't Winthrop's coach leave for Wichita St.?
    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law ~



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        An all-afternoon chat session on mid-major basketball:

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        June 9, 1973 - The day athletic perfection was defined.


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          World class disc golf course. Nice.


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            How 'bout those Cats? Curry has a horrible night, and they still win by double digits on the home floor of a team that has gone 56-2 on its home floor. Winthrop's strength is its defense, and Cats shut them down tonight. I don't get why Davidson's aggregate losses to Duke and UNC by 10 don't count for anything. If we lose in the So. Conference tourney, we're NIT bound, even with the second longest winning streak in the nation.
            June 9, 1973 - The day athletic perfection was defined.