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Charlize Theron to Star in Aeon Flux!

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  • Charlize Theron to Star in Aeon Flux!

    If you don't remember the series on MTV move on.

    Aeon starred in a series of shorts on Liquid ... I think it was TV. Liquid TV. I could be wrong.

    I loved the series. They were silent at first and the stories were cool to try to figure out. Later on it went to speaking and was still good. I have most of the episodes.

    This just rocks. Man, I am pumped.


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    You know I am fired the fuck up about this
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      I liked that series too, and I'm not usually into stuff like that.


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        Hell yeah!
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          I couldnt get the link to work

          When does this start?
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            Aeon was hot.

            Charlize is hot.

            This is going to kick some serious ass. It better bet a future setting and not present day.


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              Article text:
              Charlize Theron to Star in Aeon Flux!
              Source: Variety
              Friday, February 27, 2004

              Charlize Theron is set to earn a $10 million payday, her biggest, to star in Aeon Flux. The Lakeshore Entertainment and Paramount Pictures-financed sci-fi film is based on the futuristic MTV animated series created by Peter Chung. MTV Films and Gale Anne Hurd's Valhalla Productions are producing.

              Aeon Flux is set 400 years in the future in a world where humans have nearly been wiped out by a virus, with the remains of mankind living in a city encased in a protective bubble. The title character, an acrobatic superheroine, is assigned to kill the government leader.

              Karyn Kusama (Girlfight) is directing a script by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi. The film will shoot near Berlin in July.


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                This will rock. Enough said. B)