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NYCers Have Longest Commute

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  • NYCers Have Longest Commute

    Between the Giants, the Knicks, and the Fresh Kills landfill, New Yorkers must endure plenty of things that stink. Add this to the list: area residents suffer the nation's longest daily commutes to work.

    Full list in the article.

    I'm between 30-40. How about you?
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    When I worked in the city (NYC), I drove 1 hour in, and more often than not, 2 hours home.

    Now I'm closer to home... 5-7 minutes.
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      Guess I'm kind of provincial, but to my simple mind that seems a pretty good reason not to live in NY.


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        I get 25-40 depending on traffic, i have a 5 min window, if i miss it i add 10-15 to my time easy.
        Don't feel sorry for New Yorkers though

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          It's only about 30 for me, but when I lived in Atlanta, my commute was more like an hour to an hour and a half...for about 40 miles.
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            It's among the reasons I'm going to spend my summer vacation looking for a job outside of NY.

            1st: The driving is insane, even if you want to go to the store a couple miles away, you could be sitting in traffic for an hour. I used to work at the beach when I was in HS, it's a 10 minute drive. Busy weekends, it could take over an hour to get in.

            2nd: Now I'm a teacher, I have NY kids, I had city kids who were the best and now I have suburban kids who are the worst. I can't put up with 40 years of kids like this, so I'm in search of someplace else that's close to a "city" type setting, city schools, at-risk children... the kids I like to teach.

            3rd: The cost of living is ridiculous.
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              One hour and 10 minutes - on a good day - from my front door to the office in midtown Manhattan.

              30 minutes today back in the cow town.
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                That seems such a waste of time, but maybe I'm just not cut out for the "big city."

                I can't stand the time I spend already.

                That's an hour a day blown in the car.
                When you say to your neighbor, "We're having a loud party on Saturday night if that's alright with you," what you really mean is, "We're having a loud party on Saturday night."


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                  A fairly reliable 35 minutes on the El.


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                    One day I left my parking spot at 3:15... I finally walked in the front door at 7.

                    Another time, I left at 8:30, got home at 9:15.

                    It also depends on the time of day you leave. The thing about "5 minute window" is a fact of life in NY. If you leave 5 minutes early, you arrive an hour early, if you leave 5 minutes later, you arrive who knows when?
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                      5 minutes, and no, I don't pass any farm field (corn or otherwise) on my way.


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                        10 minutes. Same drive in Atlanta took me an hour and a half.
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