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NFL seeking major changes to schedule

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  • NFL seeking major changes to schedule

    Other proposals the NFL has floated to the networks:

    • Move back starting times for Sunday afternoon games on Fox and CBS an hour to 2 and 5 p.m. ET. A similar move in playoff games has resulted in higher ratings. CBS would probably be against the plan because it would further delay "60 Minutes," the network's highly successful news program.

    • Drop the AFC/NFC delineations on Sunday afternoon games. Fox and CBS would alternately choose games when the schedule is determined in April.

    • Move back the start of the season one to two weeks, with the goal of moving some of the playoffs into the February TV ratings sweeps period.

    • Move ABC's Monday Night Football to Thursday. That probably won't happen as MNF's ratings improved last year and NBC and CBS have traditionally had stronger counter programming on Thursday.

    • Add a fifth TV package of games, possibly on Thursday nights. TNT, HBO and Fox/Comcast figure to be interested in a new package that might be valued at $500 million to $800 million a year. If the NFL obtains 3% to 5% increases in the present packages, it likely would not pursue an extra TV partner.

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    why would they want to remove the delineations between the two stations. it allows CBS to focus on the AFC, and Fox to focus on the NFC.

    the only thing i can think of is that the two started promoting them as two separate, competing leagues. mainly fox, with it's "the best stories are in the NFC, and the NFC is on Fox."

    i guess in hindsight, they were a little premature with the TO "Contract Year" commercial
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      Originally posted by bigJOE@Feb 27 2004, 08:30 AM
      why would they want to remove the delineations between the two stations. it allows CBS to focus on the AFC, and Fox to focus on the NFC.

      Becuase then maybe we wouldn't have to hear Gumbel and Simms orgasm about how many times they've seen the Patriots play in a season?


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        I like all but the Monday Night suggestion.


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          I love the idea of pushing the games back a few weeks.

          The sports world sucks cock from the day after the Super Bowl until March- Madness.

          Playoffs in Feb would bridge this gap considerably.
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            Originally posted by pgrote@Feb 27 2004, 09:47 AM
            I like all but the Monday Night suggestion.
            No kidding.


            What would they expect, a team to play sunday and then turn around and play thursday?

            It was insane that they expected Miami to play a sunday night game then turna round and play turkey day.
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              I like the idea of adding a package with TNT and Thursday night is as good a night as any to do it. I like it because I LOVE watching the NFL and an added night is, in my opinion, a good thing.

              If they added a Thursday, they would have to do it this way though:

              There are 17 Thursdays in a season, one of which is Thanksgiving. TNT doesn't get a game on Thanksgiving. That leaves 16 Thursdays with 32 teams, so every team plays one Thursday game (Dallas and Detroit play two, including Thanksgiving). The four teams that play on Thanksgiving all play their TNT Thursday game the week following a bye so that they don't have the disadvantage of having two three-day weeks. And you can't play on Monday night and Thursday night in the same two-week period.

              I hate the idea of moving back the start times of games. The article said they suggested moving back the Sunday night kickoff an hour. That would be 9:30 on the east coast. It's bad enough that on the east coast, most Monday night games don't end until around 12:30 am, but if you started games even later than that, you'd have games going until 1 am, not even factoring in the possibility of overtime making it go even later. That's unfair to fans who have to wake up early the next morning to go to work, and with games ending at midnight in the central time zone, it will start to seriously affect fans in that region.


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                They are missing the biggest problem:

                preventing the MNF games from ending at 12:30 on the East Coast. Move it back to 8 Eastern/7 Central.


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                  The reason they don't want to do that is because it hurts their first hour ratings in the pacific time zone if games start when people with day jobs are sitting in traffic trying to get home.


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                    I wish they would get rid of Detroit/Dallas.

                    Why are they to get those games every year? What makes them special?
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                      Because when the NFL started the Thanksgiving day tradition, every team in the league was asked if they were willing to play on Thanksgiving and all of them except Dallas and Detroit said no. So they gave Dallas and Detroit the games and they decided to reward them for agreeing to do it by letting them keep the games.